RangerUp Video: S**T Veterans Don’t Say (Need a Great Patriotic T-Shirt? RangerUp Has Them)

Here’s your laugh for Saturday morning (and ain’t it the truth?). The funniest line in the video is from the girl in the pink Taliban t-shirt about why women shouldn’t be in the field.

Click the graphic to visit RangerUp

Click the graphic to visit RangerUp

Find great T-shirts at RangerUp, all designed by former and current “military guy.” A few examples below:

RangerUp: S**T Veterans Don’t Say (video)
Thanks to Facebook friend Kathleen Coad O’Brien

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  • I just ordered the Unapologetically American T-shirt in blue with the American Star to go along with the older version in red with white flag stripes running vertically down the front and back of the shirt from a couple of years back.

    Thanks for reminding me about Ranger Up. They’ve got some hellacious gear that any proud patriot would be happy to don in public.

    Have a great weekend Maggie.

    • Political Clown Parade, those T-shirts will make great gifts. Another good site with T-shirts designed by an active-duty soldier (or least he was an active duty soldier when he started is Gruntstyle