Palestinian Nidal Hasan’s Military Pay Went to Charity: Won’t Disclose What Charity or In What Countries

We are told the Military can’t take back Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan’s salary of almost $300,000 accumulated while he awaited trial – or more accurately, while he delayed trial. His money has been given to charity! We won’t be told what charity. Odd isn’t it?


We can garnishee the wages of a dead-beat dad and put a lien on someone’s house for unpaid debts. Obama has hired multiple-thousands of IRS agents to take your money to pay for ObamaCare, whether you want it or not, but we cannot regain taxpayer money from the monster killer of our own Military personnel. Hasan will never pay his debt to America. Dying by lethal injection won’t come close. If the “charities” are in Palestine, or if the money went to any Muslim country or Muslim interest anywhere in the world, it should be the last groan in bending to the will of this country’s islamization.

Hasan is Palestinian. His brother Anas, is an attorney in Palestine, where other Hasan family members live. Anas spent a lot of time in the U.S. assisting Hasan’s defense team by trying to devise “mitigating circumstances” for his terrorist brother. If the money from American taxpayers went to any Muslim interests, think Hamas, we should be outraged. After all, we’re really talking about jihad, not workplace violence and we should be outraged.

Survivors and families of the dead need that money even though it may be only a smidgen of what is needed to get proper medical care for survivors (which they are not receiving) or get children through years of schooling, but if it can’t go there, buy some night vision gear for our active duty soldiers who have to fight these bastards.

The victims of Fort Hood have been denied their rightful benefits because their leadership allowed them to be subjected to a treasonous killer, with no warning. At least in a Muslim-infiltrated combat zone, you know what you’re dealing with. Blame the Department of Defense, The Secretary of the Army, Barack Obama and Eric Holder – and hold them accountable.

Hasan’s attorney John Gillian will not disclose where the money went. Believe me, if our money went to the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Association or St. Jude’s Hospital, WE WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT. I say make this information public and don’t quote the Rule of Law. The ruling class hasn’t cared about the Rule of Law for decades unless it benefits them. More at The Daily Mail

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