Obama – Syria Not Imminent Threat to US: John McCain Will Not Support Draft Senate Resolution on Syria

The big news from Obama’s press conference today in Syria is Obama saying Syria (and presumably the chemical weapons attack – his red line) ‘may not be an imminent’ threat to the use, but could be in the future. The only legal mechanism Obama has to strike without Congressional approval is in the event of an “imminent threat” to the U.S. For some reason, I hear no one mentioning that admission. Fox News has just announced Senator John McCain will not support the Senate draft resolution on attacking Syria. McCain has reportedly said the resolution is not “strong” enough.  Sorry I do not have a link to give you for both statements but will link when and if I find them online.

Barack Obama - John McCain

Barack Obama – John McCain

Thomas Sowell summed up Obama’s handling of Syria:

All this is happening a year after issuing an ultimatum to the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria against the use of chemical or biological weapons. When the President of the United States issues an ultimatum to another sovereign nation, he should know in advance what he is going to do if that ultimatum is rejected.

But that is not the way Barack Obama operates. Like so many people who are masters of lofty words, he does not pay nearly as much attention to mundane realities. Campaigning is his strong suit. Governing is not.

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    • Bob I just put your post on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll keep retweeting and in a few days do a post about it as well. Great idea!

  • Hi Bob, I missed BB last Sunday. We had houseguests. Will watch it tonight. I am so sad that BB is going away, but really, opening last season with hair and a beard with WW out of state somewhere on his birthday, and expecting to see how that happened at the end of last season, but…not seeing it, was brilliant. Now they opened with the same hair and beard and a house with a chain link fence around it. It’s as good as it gets. Thanks for that a great quote.

    I’m leaving my office now but will do something about Mr. Williams birthday when I return. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • rh

    In my opinion, Obama and McCain may be playing “good cop, bad cop” with Syria. They both want a full blow war in Syria with regime change and their Muslim in control. The currrent stall tactic is to allow Russia/Syria to move all chemical weapons into Iran. Just my thoughts.

  • “… could be in the future” sounds to me like the Bush pre-emption policy, which Obama rejected. My argument is this: if Syrian use of chemical agents within its own borders does not threaten the US or our interests in the region, then we have no justification for attacking Syria. WE are acting like a bully, and if anything, Obama’s behavior will only serve the interests of those who already hate us. I categorically reject R2P doctrine and have I mentioned that I think McCain is an idiot?

    • Mustang, after Rand Paul’s grilling yesterday and Paul’s firm reminder that a president cannot act by himself without an imminent threat, Obama just announced to the world there is no “imminent” threat. I’ve been away from my office so have missed news but for a couple of hours earlier, Fox had not mentioned it. The story line was all about Obama saying it wasn’t his red line.

      McCain has lost it and his comment about allahu akbar was way over the line. There will be significant blowback.

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