Moral Authority = Absolute Primacy of the Individual: No Exceptionalism Without Moral Authority

On September 10th Rush Limbaugh summed up the Putin-Obama dance of the Light Brigade, almost 1-1/2 days before the New York Times published Putin’s admonishment of Obama’s claim to American exceptionalism in the human rights arena.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

On September 10th, Rush discussed why the U.S. is always expected, and counted on, to come to the aid of human rights violations in the world which is a revolving door of creating new hate creation against the American people.

There’s always been a reason for that.  We were the world’s power, not just militarily, but morally, folks.  We had the moral authority, because of who we were.  We had the military might, but we had the moral authority to stand by it and use it.

That’s what’s gone now. Read more.

Today Rush returned to our deliberate loss of “moral authority:

“When children are being gassed — never mind RU-486 and abortion, ’cause that’s, you know, my buddies. That’s what makes America great.  That’s what makes us exceptional.”  No.  What makes us exceptional is what we used to have in situations like this, that was a moral authority.  We had the moral authority because of what we stood for, and we stood for what I just explained.  We stood for the absolute primacy of the individual. Read more.

Within two days of taking office, Obama abolished the pro-life Mexico City Policy. American taxpayers now fund abortions throughout the world. The Helms Amendment is still alive but not so well. First enacted in 1973, it forbids U.S. foreign aid from paying for abortion used as family planning, or to “motivate or coerce any person to practice abortions,” widely interpreted to mean that in the case of danger to a woman’s life, or in the case of rape or incest, it is permissible to use Foreign Aid for abortions. Our aid is unmonitored and if you think we do not fund abortion for family planning services abroad, I have a hot and sure tip on a junk bonds you will want to know about.

Forget a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, you cannot move that argument out from under the cloud of forcing American taxpayers to be a part of what so many of us see as the work of evil – wherever it happens, here or around the world. ObamaCare jumped the shark of moral authority by making every manner of birth control and abortion available, free, for every U.S. girl or woman, legal or illegal demanding it, no parent not consult needed.

Maybe Putin knows what you and I know. Obama doesn’t believe in American “exceptionalism.” If you remember back to 2007, he said the Constitution was “flawed” and it was flawed because racism was not dealt with, wealth was not redistributed and it clearly delineates what the Government cannot do to you. A serious flaw in the eyes of Obama, Socialists, Marxists and Communists worldwide. See the video of his quote below.

In April 2009 in a speech in Strasbourg Obama said “…there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive… See that video here. 

A “flawed” Constitution? The Founders intended every American to have the right to economic freedom, not redistributed from others, but gained through personal empowerment: “free to work, produce, consume, and invest” in any way we deem best for us and our families.

…with that freedom both protected by the state and unconstrained by the state. In economically free societies, governments allow labor, capital and goods to move freely, and refrain from coercion or constraint of liberty beyond the extent necessary to protect and maintain liberty itself. Read Chapter 1 – Economic Freedom: Global and Regional Patterns by Ambassador Terry Miller and Anthony B. Kim.

Yes, there are other democracies but none that offer the freedoms of what our Founders intended. Ours is the longest-lived freedom and liberty document of any country but the article below says the world no longer views our Constitution as shining beacon of sovereignty and the road to personal freedom:

“Among the world’s democracies,” Professors Law and Versteeg concluded, “constitutional similarity to the United States has clearly gone into free fall. Over the 1960s and 1970s, democratic constitutions as a whole became more similar to the U.S. Constitution, only to reverse course in the 1980s and 1990s.”

“The turn of the twenty-first century, however, saw the beginning of a steep plunge that continues through the most recent years for which we have data, to the point that the constitutions of the world’s democracies are, on average, less similar to the U.S. Constitution now than they were at the end of World War II.” Source: New York Times

The statement above published in the New York Times in February 2012 argues that our Constitution guarantees “few liberties,” ignoring that the Constitution was specifically written to guarantee what liberties government does NOT have, which is everything so relegated to the individual and the states.

Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have taken unconstitutional liberties along the way, and we have allowed them that very liberty which has stolen ours.

Remember when Egypt’s “Arab Spring” was blood ‘letting’ in the streets and Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recommended Egypt look to the South African Constitution to model its own after?

She missed Zimbabwa in the last few years?

Several million Zimbabweans left their country in the decade before 2009, fleeing political turmoil and an economic meltdown that slashed real wages. Many say they went abroad to escape persecution by President Robert Mugabe’s dominant Zanu PF party, which critics accuse of using intimidation to stay in power. Source: New Zimbabwe News July 2013

Ginsburg didn’t consider this?:

Zimbabwean asylum seekers are said to be facing increasing hostility across the border in South Africa, where the authorities are accused of re-implementing ‘draconian’ immigration policies…Source: SW Radio Africa

Supreme Court Justices can be impeached.

Our Constitution is “out of step?:

Americans recognize rights not widely protected, including ones to a speedy and public trial, and are outliers in prohibiting government establishment of religion.

But the Constitution is out of step with the rest of the world in failing to protect, at least in so many words, a right to travel, the presumption of innocence and entitlement to food, education and health care. Source: New York Times

Were sanity to prevail, and Congress not be the corrupt body that it is, we would have tort reform (Congress is chock-full of lawyers) and justice would be swift for both innocent and guilty, especially with DNA evidence today.

Then there’s that “redistribution of wealth” hope-for-change again, and please, let us ignore that the article states only “two percent of the world’s constitutions protect the right to keep and bear arms. Our Second Amendment is the guardian of our First Amendment.

The United States ranks tenth in the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 and 2012 ranking of Economic Freedom, which includes among it’s top parameters, Rule of Law which empowers the individual. Russia ranks 139th of 144 “Mostly Unfree.” 

Economic freedom rests on the empowerment of the individual, nondiscrimination, and open competition. None of these requirements can exist in a society that lacks effective rule of law. Source

In 2000 when George W. Bush took office the U.S. ranked eighth, 2001 sixth, 2002 after September 11 we ranked eighth, 2003 seventh, 2004 with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars raging, the U.S. ranked  seventh, 2005 and 2006 fifth, 2007 sixth, 2008 fifth.

In Barack Obama’s first year in office, our economic freedom ranking fell to sixth.

In 2010 and 2011 the U.S. fell to ninth in economic freedom (largely due to trampling of a nation’s Rule of Law). Russia remains “mostly unfree” in 2013.

Barack Obama’s first inaugural in January 2009 will be viewed as the beginning of massively fewer personal freedoms. The constraints on individual power dawned ugly in a rush of Executive Orders and regulations; stopping energy development cold, killing coal, “stimulating” that which should have gone unstimulated, wasting taxpayer dollars on green initiatives that was payback for donors – the owners directors and management of those companies left with full pockets while you and I watched in amazement. Remember the jaw-dropping fraud in the Solyndra scandal – and then others to follow.

We are facing soaring health care costs for ObamaCare, which not a single Republican voted for. State’s rights to refuse it are denied by the Supreme Court.

State’s right do not exist for those wanting to enforce a mirror of federal law to assist and protect their population from millions of illegals crossing into the country.

A complete lack of any semblance of formerly-thought-out foreign policy has knocked us to our knees and Vladimir Putin has noticed.

The U.S. is staggering under the realization that this President has stolen our good standing, our moral authority we have enjoyed in the eyes of the world which has never been shy about ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’ and believing they are ‘deserving’ of aid from the United States, even when they hated us.

Read Obama’s exact quote about American “exceptionalism” at

Here is a small snippet of Putin’s op-ed:

And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal. Source: New York Times

Since this adoring, egotistical student of Joseph Stalin brought it up, how many times do you think Putin led his KGB in prayer to “the Lord” for blessings for the people of Russia?

Barack Obama on Chicago Public Radio 2007 (video)
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  • Great post Maggie…I know a person (formerly a best friend) that agrees with the Obama agenda 100% for no other reason than he’s a die-hard Democrat…now how sick is that! This so-called best friend called me the other day and told me to stop forwarding these posts because all he does is delete them and does not believe a word of anything that I send him. We met in September of 1954 and September of 2013 (9,11…2013 no less) ….59 years just tossed out like the trash! Imagine that! People do change…I remember walking home from school with this friend when he once suggested we stop in the church we passed by on the way home just to say a prayer…he never attends church of any kind now and condemns any form of Christianity… Can simply becoming a Democrat turn you into someone without any moral authority? I’m beginning to think so…

    • rh

      I second your comment Norm – another thoughtful post by Maggie. We do change at different times in our lives (there is a great old book titled “Phases”). A good person (my Mother) told me two things to never discuss with friends: politics and religion.

      • rh, a thing I consider a lucky coincidence (or maybe not a coincidence) is that I have few liberal friends, so what to discuss isn’t a problem most of the time.

        • rh

          Yes Maggie, how boring the world would be if we all thought the same and liked the same things.

    • Norm, thank you! Hard to lose a long time friend. I have a childhood friend who is the exact opposite of me (in about every way – not just politics) but we are still close although we lives miles apart. She is in the DC area and worked in the EPA in high positions for many years. We don’t discuss politics – much. Her family worked for conservatives in Tulsa. Her brother is conservative. She moved to Oregon…

      I believe there are Democrats and Republicans without not an ounce of moral authority.

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