Million Muslim March: Fewer than 20 Persons Showed Up – 9/11 Truther Biker Flips Off 9/11/01 Attacks

Dr. Kevin Barrett was a speaker at the Million Americans March Against Fear (also known as the Million Muslim March). Barrett is the editor of Veterans Today. An article featured the photo seen below. The lede for the story: Muslims invite bikers to DC 9/11 anniversary march. Right. The video is from WUSA-9, a radio station in Washington, D.C. The correspondent says 20 showed up for the Million Muslim March and only 12 followed the march route to end up at the White House. See an important Update below the photo.

"Captain Billy" Williamson, leader of Bikers for 9/11 Truth, heads for D.C. to Support Million Muslim March

“…leader of Bikers for 9/11 Truth, heads for D.C. to Support Million Muslim March

UPDATE 9-12-13: The photo above. I’m told it’s from Easy Rider and has been photoshopped. The caption originally used the name of a real person, but not Dennis Hopper. The photo and remainder of the caption (I’ve removed his name) is exactly as shown on the Veteran’s Today page – so shame on me and my apologies. Thanks to commenter “Infidel” for the heads up. The following is from the Examiner explaining the ruse:

According to the VT Today article, a caption appearing directly beneath the article’s header photo indicates:

“Captain Billy” Williamson, leader of Bikers for 9/11 Truth, heads for DC to support the Million American March.”

However, there are two problems with this quote in the VT story. The first problem is that the photo-shopped picture supports the Iranian “Truther” version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as having been perpetrated by the US government alone. The second problem is the picture is not of Billy Williamson, but rather it is a photo of actor Dennis Hopper from the movie “Easy Rider” filmed in 1969.

The article delves deeper still into stealthy Islamic taqqiya when it states the following: Read More please and note that Captain Billy Williamson is a “real person” and says he was not approached to “organize thousands of bikers to join” the Million Muslim March. End Update.

Look at this:

“The enemy of America is not Muslims. The enemy of America is our government,” Isa Hodge, executive director of the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), told Media Research Center TV while criticizing what he considers the U.S. government’s fear mongering after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, former university professor and 9/11 truth conspiracy theorist, defended Muslims in America while condemning “extremist Jews,” “leftists” and “Hispanics” as the real perpetrators of the majority of terrorist attacks in the U.S.


WSUA-9 Video on Muslim Americans March Against Fear (video)
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  • rh

    It makes one wonder more why the bikers were not given a permit. Even the park service is Obama’s lap dog.

  • 20 Muslims march and the government applauds. 2 million bikers counter protest and the government runs scared.


  • Infidel

    This pic is from the movie “Easy Rider” and obviously the banner was photo shopped. Way shred your credibility.

    • Infidel, well thanks. I guess I believed Veteran’s Today. Should have known better. Thanks.

    • Infidel, The Examiner has an article on this and quotes “Captain Billy Williamson” saying no one in the group approached him to recruit “thousands of bikers” for the ride.

  • NV

    9/11 was an inside job, don’t trust the news, but check out this conspiracy theory video made by some dude no one knows or gives a crap about it is totally legit!

    I don’t know what satisfaction these people get from saying stuff like that. Does it really make them feel better? does it make the tragedy any less tragic?

    It’s common sense, There are people out there who don’t like us and want to kill us just because they can’t have the same freedom we have.

    • NV, I think it gives them an air of “authority.” They get it but we don’t. I’ve looked at a lot of it, over and over, followed many links. What is really so terribly sad is that some of those who died are named in the conspiracy. One man is said to be living in my own state. He isn’t. He’s dead. He was one of the few buried. As I did my Project 2996 posts, I found people trying to implicate two of them, or at least to say they were involved in some kind of work that might have drawn them in. Very depressing.

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