Million Muslim March Expected to Be Hundreds Including Full Families with Broods of Children: Police Waiting for Bikers

The Weekly Standard is about the only source making estimates on the numbers of Muslims that will march in protest of their civil rights, demanding, along with other 9-11 Truthers, the truth about 9-11-01.


An office building manager in downtown Washington, D.C. is preparing for the 9/11 “Million Muslim March” by explaining to the tenants of the building what’s expected for tomorrow.

“Below is information relating to Wednesday’s Million Muslim March,” the memo begins.

March Estimates: Police concur that the best estimate on the size of the March will be somewhere in the hundreds, not thousands, of participants. That number may include entire families with children in tow.” Source: The Weekly Standard

The report says police estimate 300,000 3000 bikers will ride though Washington, D.C. throughout the day, and police will have their eye on them – none of that revving the motors-stuff, no offending the Muslims on the Mall. (9:24 a.m. CDT – sorry for the 300,000 above. It was early in the morning and I knew it was 3,000 not 300,000 The Weekly Standard used in their article. It wasn’t a typo, but a brain blip.) We’ll see what happens today)

The biker’s have said they will be unarmed, but law enforcement and oathkeepers will be riding with them.

The quest for these patriots is to honor September 11, 2001 victims and their families, and to pray for First Responders. Stark difference from what the Muslim march has planned.

They say they will stop for every stoplight and stop sign and yield for every pedestrian, because, well…the Muslims got a permit to march, the bikers did not, however, the biker’s did get an email with a permit number issued to them before it was later denied. Expect a lawsuit. Read more here.

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  • Klaus

    From your source:
    “Counter-Protest Estimates: Police estimate that there could be as many as three thousand (3000) bikers trying to circle the March and drown out the sound of the speakers at the kick-off rally with their engine noise. No other counter protest groups that are being taken seriously have identified themselves and/or made their intentions known, but that does not mean there will not be any others,”

    The number of bikers you posted (and attributed to that source) is literally 100x what that source reported.

    Also brood is a really gross, loaded word to use.

    • Klaus

      Actually I’ll take that back, I’ve never heard brood used outside the context of discussing animals unless it was used in a demeaning sense but it seems not entirely uncommon. Still not a word choice I’d make, but it looks like it was unfair to call it out as gross.

      • Klaus, I don’t take mine back. What is demeaning is that these people are going to be on the Washington Mall to claim their civil rights have not protected and to demand that the truth be told about 9-11-10. That demeaning and mean.

    • Klaus, you’re right, it 3000 bikers expected, and I knew that. It was early this morning and I just typed it wrong – not a typo, but if I were a liberal politician and said 300,000 while meaning 3000 it would have “misspeaking.” I’ve corrected it in the article. Thanks.

      I see no reason not to use a word that explains what is expected to happen – lots of children there. Muslim families worldwide average about 5 children per family – a brood of kids. I’m sick of worrying about be PC when it come to this issue. In fact I’m sick of the truth not being considered PC.

  • 3000 bikers? My ass! I’ve seen the pictures of the pre-assembly of the bikers. At one junction there were 800,000 bikers and more to come. I will be very surprised if there are more than 2 million bikers today. And very surprised that there will be more than 3000 anti-Semites Muslims (including children) at their rally.

    • findalis, this was yesterday and I haven’t had to grab real numbers. This was DC authorities, etc. Go Bikers!

  • Troybeam

    The Muslims get their permit yet American citizens are denied the same right to express their first amendment rights. Islam is the enemy and all Americans better wake up. This Muslim march on our Capitol is a symbol of conquest to Islam and our Bikers are countering this with REMEMBER what Islam did on 9/11/2001.

    Islam will never conquer our nation.

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