Military Pay Raise Cut: DOD “We Will Go After Military Compensation Aggressively”

Add this to your list of “I Will Never Forgets.” Barack Obama has threatened to veto any DOD spending bill that does not significantly reduce Military pay raises and increase Tricare (health care) costs to the servicemember. Military members are slated to receive a 1.8 percent pay raise for 2013. We have a law that protects military pay from falling below the rate of inflation. With the cut, we will remove that lawful protection for the first time. Citing increases in the housing and subsistence allowance, the raise will be cut from approximately $47 per month to approximately $26 per month. The BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) (food) is NOT assistance for a servicemember’s dependents. It is solely to assist the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Guard member. Military health care, known as TriCare is also expected to see dramatic increases. See the actual basic pay for the military below.

U.S. Military

U.S. Military

“I think we will go after military compensation aggressively,” Comptroller Robert Hale said during public remarks at a Sept. 5 meeting of the Reserve Forces Policy Board.

Hale said annual military pay raises likely will fall below the rise in inflation next year, and that may be the first of many similar reductions.

Congress is battling over whether to give troops a raise to match the official Employment Cost Index — a measure of private-sector wage growth — of 1.8 percent, or to limit the pay bump to 1 percent. Hale and other top Pentagon officials are advocating for the lower pay raise as a way to slow the long-term growth of personnel costs.

“I think we will prevail in that,” Hale said

That would be the first time military pay would fall below the ECI since 1998.  Source: Military Times


Due to a rise in food prices in 2012, BAS has increased for 2013.
Enlisted: $352.27 a month
Officers: $242.60 a month

It is unclear if the above includes a cut or does not include a cut. I believe it does not include a cut.

The basic pay for an E-4 with three years of enlistment in 2013 is broken down as follows (BAS = Food, BAH = Housing):

Individual Servicemember Servicemember w/ Family of 4
Basic Pay $25,884 $25,884
BAS $4,181 $4,181
BAH $11,748 $14,808
Cash Total $41,813 $44,873
Tax Advantage $4,073 $4,073
Regular Military Compensation $45,972 $48,946

Based on the arm of the service, an E-4 would be Corporal (CPL), Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3), Senior Airman SrA), Corporal, Specialist (SPC). View a Special Pay Chart here that would include Hazardous Duty pay of $165, Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger $150, etc.

The Basic Assistance Housing (BAH) is actually broken down by locality. An E-4 with dependents based at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma would actually receive $1,516.32 annually for housing. An E-4 with dependents stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base would receive $16,308 annually.

The Threatened Veto – from Free Beacon (how about cutting the IRS instead):

The White House has threatened to veto a key Pentagon spending bill unless lawmakers increase the amount of money U.S. troops pay for healthcare and decrease pay raises for troops, among several other things.

The Department of Defense Appropriations Act does not increase the fees associated with TRICARE, the Pentagon’s in-house health system, the White House said Monday evening in a statement that threatened to veto the spending bill over this and other issues.

“The administration strongly urges the Congress to support its proposed TRICARE fee increases,” the statement said.

The administration’s threat to veto the spending bill drew sharp criticism from some on Capitol Hill.

“For years, the Obama administration has swollen the federal workforce and asked the military to pay for it,” one Republican congressional aide told the Washington Free Beacon. “The president is forcing nearly 200,000 troops out of uniform” as a result of deep defense budget cuts known as sequestration.

“Now he’s cutting the pay of those lucky enough to survive,” the aide said. “After three huge cuts to the military in four years, it’s time the Obama administration look elsewhere for savings.”

“Perhaps they can start with the IRS,” the aide said.

The Department of Defense spent $12 MILLION on biofuels to conduct a “biofuel” military exercise. According to Senator Jim Inhofe R-OK, the Department of Defense will contribute $170 MILLION to “a massive federal giveaway to private biofuels COMPANIES to aid in the construction of commercial biofuel refineries….” (all emphasis mine) while sequestration demands DOD of $52 BILLION in 2014:

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama continues to gut military programs, capabilities and the readiness of our forces, leaving our commanders with a hollow force unable to provide the global security needs of the U.S. and our allies. He has cut more than 100,000 military personnel from the ranks, reduced the size of our naval fleet, cut hundreds of Air Force combat aircraft — and allowed sequestration to impose devastating cuts in the funds used to train our military units, repair equipment and recover the preparedness of our armed forces. ~ Jim Inhofe

In 2012 our Government:

● Spent $200 MILLION on a reality TV show in India

● Spent $141,45 to fund a Chinese study on pig poop

● Spent $1.2 MILLION on the U.N. for “clean fuel promotion”

● Spent $84.5 MILLION for snacks for those who enjoy taxpayer subsidized Amtrack.

● Spent $200 MILLION for Small Business grants for ONLY 10 new cupcake-shop start-ups.

● Spent $2 BILLION on food stamp recipients for “sugary drinks alone.”

● Spent $2.5 BILLION on improper SNAP payments, including an exotic dancer who quelled recipient’s hunger in some unidentified way. The dancer makes $85,000 per year.

● Spent $751,000 on grants for the very successful Smuttynose Brewery in New Hampshire – ongoing grants, I believe.

More at Daily Caller:

● Spent (Department of Energy) $100,000 (prize) for the development of an app to “help” users track energy usage in their homes.

● Spent (Department of Agriculture) $1.3 MILLION for Pepsi to build a new aquifer-direct water supply system for their new venture into the manufacturing of yogurt. Their 44.2 BILLION cash balance sheet was not put at risk, as you the taxpayer are. We also built a road to the plant facility.

● Spent $324,000 to construct a robot squirrel to answer the question of why rattlesnakes rarely attack squirrels that wag their tails.

● Spent (an annual expense) for NASA, $1 MILLION to develop a “Mars menu,” even though we have no plans to go to Mars, or even the moon.

● Spent $1 BILLION

The Missile Defense Agency really, really likes to build things. According to Waste Book, the MDA has not once, but twice, begun the build-out of interceptor missiles without first finishing the research and testing that should have been completed prior to their construction. Not surprisingly, delays, failures, and system upgrades were needed to both generations of missiles, which have cost taxpayers at least $1 billion and caused costs on the project to soar fourfold.

● Spent $37 BILLION

…in contracts to build 55 new littoral (near-shore) combat ships between two companies, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT ) and Austal USA. While the thinking here is that two companies could build these ships twice as fast, they somehow failed to grasp that the defense systems, design, and software used on each ship would be different; meaning that crew members can’t simply be transferred from one ship to another without being retrained. This “boo-boo” is slated to cost taxpayers a minimum of $148 million.

● Spent $940,000 to learn that male fruit flies have much in common with young human males all over the world. The male fruit flies overwhelmingly prefer young female fruit flies to older female fruit flies – even in the dark.

The scary news is that this testing may soon be expanded beyond just fruit flies.

Senator Tom Coburn’s duplicative program list (read it all here):

● Spent $14 MILLION annually in two “catfish inspection” programs that duplicate each other.

● Spent $2.5 BILLION in 2012 on 18 – that’s EIGHTEEN “overlapping programs on food and nutrition assistance

● Spent $15 BILLION on 679 separate renewable energy programs

● Spent $4.5 BILLION ANNUALLY on 76 drug abuse prevention and treatment programs

● Spent between $50 MILLION and $200 MILLION with 159 contractors to provide foreign language support to the Pentagon.

From Thomas A. Schatz, President of Citizens Against Government Waste (please read it all here – mind-blowing:

● Spent $19.6 MILLION ANNUALLY on the International Fund for Ireland. The money “went for projects like pony-trekking centers and golf videos.”

● Spent (even after sequestration) $440,000 ANNUALLY “to have attendants push buttons on the fully automated Capitol Hill elevators used by Representatives and Senators.

● Spent $4.2 MILLION “to conduct a nebulous “National Conversation on Pluralism and Identity.”

● Spent (by Pentagon and CIA) $11 MILLION to psychics who might provide special insights about various foreign threats.

● Spent $.12 MILLION in ANTI-POVERTY funding to build a football stadium in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

● Spent $20 million a year to prisoners receiving Social Security “relating to their alleged disabilities.

● Spent $360 MILLION ANNUALLY on 79,000 alcoholics an drug addicts who spent their SSI checks on their habits.

● Spent a total of $1.3 BILLION for 1.6 MILLION farm subsidy checks to urban zip codes.

● Spent (in this case will spend) $5.1 MILLION to build “a new 18-hole golf course at Andrews Air Force Base, which already has two. Golf Digest reports there are 19 golf courses” in the DC area.

Taxpayers spent $1 MILLION dollars for Obama to appear on the Jay Leno Show in 2012. Think of how many times he has appeared on the many late night shows (and daytime) in the last 4+ years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Jay Leno, 2010 and 2012 The View, 2010 Jon Stewart, 2011 Oprah, 2012 Jimmy Fallon, 2012 Dave Letterman.

I see $11 Million in the above-mentioned – not nearly a complete list. Michelle joined him on a few. Add another half MIL for each of her prime-time face-times. You know, they only have to travel from DC to NYC so we obviously also paid for date nights.

This could on for pages and pages and pages and pages. Just…never forget the sequester that Obama could have done something about but refused.

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