Michelle Malkin to Juan Williams: You Wouldn’t Know American Exceptionalism If It Smacked You In The Face

Michelle Malkin was clearly not just opposing Juan Williams for TV theatrics. Just watch her face. Juan said Malkin would not have supported the Boston Tea Party (he has to grasp each time he’s paired with her), and she told him he wouldn’t know American exceptionalism if it smacked him in the face, “if you don’t want to listen to a right-wing-nut-job like me Juan, why don’t you listen to all the the Democrats in the military who oppose this [Syria]. There’s more. View it below.

Michelle Malkin - Juan Williams on with Sean Hannity

Michelle Malkin – Juan Williams on with Sean Hannity

Michelle Malkin, Juan Williams with Sean Hannity (video)
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  • Geo

    One thing you have to give Juan credit for. . . he’s consistent. Every time he gets a on there with Michelle he takes a cheap shot at her that {rightfully} sends her right into orbit.

    Several months ago, he told her she wasn’t a “real” journalist.

    My money is always with Michelle, in the best of how many falls you want. This is the same Michelle who took on Geraldo and crucified him on B’ore, then got banned from the show. That is always a credit in my book for her.