Lindsey Graham Says Charleston Harbor Could Be Attacked: Missing US Nukes in Texas on Way to SC?

CBS Charlotte is quoting Senator Lindsey Graham saying failing to strike Syria could result in terrorists striking Charleston Harbor. Alex Jones is reporting a source at a West Texas Air Force Base where B-1 Bombers are housed saying:

Charleston, South Carolina - Charleston Port - Charleston Harbor

Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston Port – Charleston Harbor

“secret moth-balled weapons that weren’t even supposed to be on the base” were “loaded on trucks and the police said where are these going? Nobody’s signing for it. The base commander simply gave orders and everybody knew that this was completely irregular and there had been a big controversy a few years before when this happened in Minot, North Dakota with cruise missiles…” “The truck drivers said all we’re told is, this is going to South Carolina and we don’t know where it goes from there.”

The InfoWars video is below. What do you think about this? One of my thoughts is how desperately creepy Lindsey Graham is, trying to stay relevant in light of valid challenges to his senate seat.

CBS Charleston

Graham told reporters in Goose Creek on Tuesday that taking action against Syria in response to the situation is not a question of yes

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

or no, but rather a question of bad or worse choices.

He says if there is no U.S. response, Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.

He says he’s working to convince South Carolinians weary of war that the situations in Syria and Iran are linked. Graham says Syria could destabilize the entire Middle East.

No surprise, you’ll hear talk of “false flags” and “martial law” in the video below.

InfoWars: Lindsey Graham Charleston Harbor Might Be Attacked – Missing Nukes From Texas on Way to South Carolina(video)

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  • The sky is falling…If our country is so poorly defended that nukes could end up in Charleston Harbor, then we need to empty the halls of Congress and fill them with people who have an idea of what is important and what isn’t — fighting other peoples’ civil wars is NOT important to our defense — but securing our borders is. Where does Graham stand on the latter issue?

    • rh

      Very well put norma.

  • The one phrase that describes Lindsay Graham to a tee is, “Dishonest Pathetic RINO.” Attention NSA: this is merely an opinion expressed by an American citizen pursuant to the Bill of Rights. For more information on the United States’ Bill of Rights, please visit Wikipedia.

    • InsaniusFactusMirus

      Or Publius-Huldah’s Blog: Definitions and Basic Concepts of “Government”.

      This lead me to MaggiesNotebook. As a true Constitutional scholar she is a wealth of information.

      • InsaniaFactusMirus

        Correction- ahem.

      • Richard

        I will second that. Maggie is one of a kind.

        • Thanks Richard, encouragement is a great encourager:-)

      • InsaniusFactusMirus, thanks for the link to PuliusHuldah. I love and respect her work. I’ll check out the link.

        • InsaniaFactusMirus

          Hi Maggie, waving.
          I share your and Publius-Huldah links as much as possible.

          Often, you have well intentioned posters who regrettably either don’t “connect-the-dots” or don’t understand logic.

          Fortunately, you do and are a tool in my effort to educate them. Keep up the good work, Maggie.

          • InsaniaFactusMirus, can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. As I often say here, bloggers are nothing with readers, and especially readers who care and so something about it. Nice to meet you:-)

  • CarlaJD

    Charleston Harbor will become a profit maker for not only SC but the Nation if it were to be upgraded to the fullest. Graham has to realize there are potential hot spots along both coasts, but we cannot be withering little do-nothings just because of a potential problem. We were once strong & could put up tall buildings, have mighty naval vessels along both coasts & realized there could be a problem, but we did not shirk or cower “just because”..
    Graham has been in DC too long & has had his fill of Potomac Kook Aid
    he needs to wise up & get with the program.. SC & the nation needs to prosper & grow not become a example of the Obama dream of US becoming a failed nation.

    • CarlaJD, didn’t Graham get billions for the Charleston port? I think I remember that he did or maybe he tried.

  • poptoy1949

    Someone would want to attack Charleston harbor? Why? I could understand Jacksonville, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia, or even New York City on the East Coast but Charleston? I don’t think so. I think on that statement right there Miss Lindsey the good people of South Carolina should elect someone else. I mean lets think about it…….just how important is Charleston Harbor if the U.S. is to be attacked? I do not think it is a big worry. Norfork, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, YES indeed but Charleston…NO.

    • poptoy1949, I think Graham may be using the strategy of manufactured crisis to save his seat. If he comes down on the wrong side of this, it could make a difference as this is a huge issue. Obama didn’t think it would be.

      • InsaniaFactusMirus

        Maggie, I wonder that Obama thought he could get in/get out over the Labor Day weekend…presenting himself as this strong, decisive president using quote: “Shock and Awe”.
        After-all, wasn’t his “manhood” challenged as indecisive due Benghazi and the similarities and involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood? Then there is Putin demonstrating his prowess in direct opposition to Obama’s effeminate posturing…

        Senator Graham knows his seat is in trouble… He’s effectively stated many times, “He knows best…” when he is supposed to be representing his constituents.I think it’s fairly accurate to say he is part of the problem with our nations direction.

        • IFM, Obama should be challenged for his culpability in the Benghazi deaths. Whether he was active in or did not nothing, he and Hillary are responsible. Almost a year later, he has not admitted that the video was nothing. That’s one of the reasons no one believes a word he says now. Graham is definitely a part of the problem. When you are joined at the hip with Allahu Akbar McCain, it’s a problem for our nation.

    • CarlaJD

      I for one in SC feel Graham has spent all the time in public office that is necessary. Two terms for Senators and Three Terms for Representatives enough for any politician. We have too man old buddy cronies wandering around Capital Hill. BTW it is time to move the RHINOs out & let the Elephants earn their keep.

      • CarlaJD, totally agree. Now we have to find a way to make it happen. As Levin suggests, maybe the states can do it.

  • Richard

    By its very nature Nuke Weapons transfer is a black operation. The transfer described at Dyess was more than likely just the bomb casings themselves. The warheads are guarded and stored in facilities that would put Fort Knox to shame (from what I read in the funnie papers).

    • Richard, West Texas to Charleston isn’t a terribly long trip. Why would we be moving them (btw who is Dyess?)

  • Everyone commenting here, I wouldn’t have posted this article had it not been for the CBS article (not that they are a bastion of truth and transparency) directly quoting Graham. I think the “truck drivers” told whomever at InfoWars they were conversing with that they were going to SC but didn’t know where from there. Does anyone know of a situation where weapons of this kind are shipped out South Carolina?

  • If Charleston goes up then Iran should be flattened. But given the fact that we have a girly-man in the White House, we would see the total surrender of the US.

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  • Geo

    As a resident of the Charleston area, I have one question. . .if nuked should we follow the “Hurricane Evacuation Route?” Info Wars/Alex Jones & Lindsey Lohan Graham . . . . .”perfect together”. The trifecta of headcases.

    Lindsey has been MIA lately, in fact he was suppose to show for a Town Hall Meeting and decided to “no show”, because too many Tea Party members were present to hammer him. The SC Republican Party has put advertising up with Lindsey’s picture on a Milk Carton. He has been MIA except in D.C..

    That cloud you see over South Carolina is Lindsey’s campaign imploding and going into the crapper. He has three primary challengers and is in deep dark doo-doo and getting desperate.

    • Geo, who are you leaning toward to replace Graham? I heard a SC state Senator on with Rush. It was a long interview and I was really impressed with him. I think it was Lee Bright? Any opinions you’re willing to share?

      • Geo

        Maggie, to tell you the truth there is a very cute chihuahua and terrier mix at the pound in North Charleston that is more than qualified compared to Lindsey Lohan.

        We have three declared candidates so far. Bright, Rev Cash & Nancy Mace. Bright is a SC State Senator, Cash I’ve never heard of before and Nancy Mace is a Citadel Graduate and Business woman. Bright has to hold the upper hand, Mace had a rough start out of the box, but I like her.

        The biggest problem we have is “that SC is a open primary state”, they can cross vote. That favors Lindsey Lohan a lot IMO, the dims will cross vote to screw things up. They are trying to change it but it won’t be done in time for this election cycle.

        Tim Scott is finishing out his appointment {Jim DeMint seat} and is running for a six year term. He should have no problem.

        • GEO, thanks for that information. I need to pay more attention to the race, but I agree that however it happens, Lindsey “Lohan” will be hard to beat because he has GOP money behind him.

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  • Dan

    The destabilization of the Mid East is orchestrated by Saudi Arabia and others.. This is in line with the return of the Caliphate of the old Odium empire aka Turkey.. To return all Islamic nations under one rule and shria .. If this is allowed to happen the west and NATO will lose control of the world oil fields .. This is why The west want to strike Iran Syria ASAP. This is just the beginning of things to come…