Libya: US Spec Forces Gear Stolen, Plug Pulled – Spec Forces Team Come Home: How Stupid Are We?

Another Obama administration plan to undermine U.S. Military and aid al-Qaeda or their networks? A U.S. Special Operation (Spec Ops) located just outside of Libya was raided and equipment stolen  in more than one raid – equipment used by the U.S. to “win wars,” including night vision equipment, laser devices, and dozens of M4 rifles. Let me ask you, how can we be this stupid? We let Libyans guard the equipment while our troops were bunking elsewhere, just as we hired Libyans to guard our Benghazi Mission. I can only assume the Obama administration hired Libyans for a purpose – to steal our most needed equipment, to steal our credibility and authority, to undermine U.S. Military.


“The loss of this military equipment is what pulled the plug on the U.S. operation,” one source with direct knowledge of the events told Fox News. “No one at the State Department wanted to deal with the situation if any more went wrong, so State pulled its support for the training program and then began to try and get the team moved out of the country.”

The 12-member American team was not at the training camp when either raid occurred, as they regularly stayed at a nearby villa that served as a safehouse at night.

Located just outside of Tripoli, the camp was supposed to be secured each night by Libyan forces. But on two occasions, the camp was attacked and raided by either militia members or groups affiliated with terrorist organizations. Source: Fox News

When are our Military Commanders going to get enough of this and do something about it, or are they so far-gone, so Obama-ized that it’s impossible to turn around? Remember, we didn’t defend Ambassador Chris Stevens and we didn’t secure 400 Surface-to-Air Missiles. 

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