Lashawn Marten Shouted I Hate White People Before Leaving Jeffrey Babbitt Brain Dead – Not Expected to Live UPDATE

Lashawn Marten (31) is a Black man who did not know Jeffrey Babbitt (62), but warned the crowd that the “next white person to walk by” he would “f**k, according to the statement of a woman in the video below. But then The DailyMail is reporting Marten said “I’m going to knock out the next white person who walks by.” The photos at DailyMail show the victim Jeffrey Babbitt on the ground with blood near his head and the photo below of Mr. Babbitt sitting up, looking alert, with his head wrapped in bandages before being taken to the hospital. Every report I’ve seen says he is in a coma, he is brain dead and is not expected to live. Two other Whites received minor injuries. Marten reportedly asked for police and did not try to get away. UPDATE: 9-10-13: Jeffrey Babbitt was reported dead yesterday.

Allegedly Lashawn Marten (click the pic to visit DailyMail)

Allegedly Lashawn Marten (click the pic to visit DailyMail)

According to eyewitnesses, Jeffrey Babbitt was apparently minding his business as he walked through the crowd near the chess boards in Union Square when Lashawn Marten yelled “I hate white people.”

“He said ‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to [expletive],’” one female eyewitness told CBS NY. “His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.”

Babbitt was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he’s currently in a coma and pronounced brain dead. He is not expected to survive the attack. Source: Newsbusters

Jeffrey Babbitt

Jeffrey Babbitt

According to the video, Mr. Babbitt shared an apartment with his 92 year old Mother, Heda, and was her sole caregiver.

Is it possible for a Black person to be charged with a hate crime against a White person? We’ll see. If you can proclaim it, Police should claim it.

Lashawn Marten Knocks Jeffrey Babbitt To Ground, Leaving Babbitt Brain Dead and Not Expected to Live (video)

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  • Helen sabin

    It is obvious that this guy is mentally ill but that is no excuse for killing someone. Like Ron White says, He should go to the head of the line.

  • I’m sure Al Sharpton will come to someone’s defense … I wonder which one.

    • Woodsterman, hmmmm. That’s a hard one – maybe the one could be his son?

  • This Lashawn was brain-dead at birth, apparently. Race wars are being ignited by the Big Black Guy in the White House and if I were black, I’d be worried — there are a lot of white guys out there that would like the chance to shoot back. If this doesn’t stop, I have no doubt the other shoe is going to drop.

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