Good Grief! Spencer Oklahoma Buddhist Monk Beaten By Two Black Teens

An elderly Buddhist monk was robbed, dragged out of his home and beaten with a pipe. A neighbor says the attackers were Black teens, ages 14 and 15 who lived nearby. The victim, whose name has not been released (but in the video is identified as “Tony”) was left on his porch “unconscious” for almost 24 hours. The assault happened about noon on Friday. The victim awoke about 2:30 pm Saturday, August 31st. He called 911 after managing to get back inside his home. A neighbor said all of the man’s teeth were knocked out. Police allegedly know the thugs who could be Obama’s sons, but haven’t located them yet.

Spencer, Oklahoma

Spencer, Oklahoma

If the video does not play or disappears, view it here.

Spencer, Oklahoma Buddhist Monk “Tony” Beaten and left unconscious (video)

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  • And we are suppose to treat these animals like humans. How about a one-way ticket for them to Africa. Let us see how fast they attack an old man there and what happens.