Georgia Police Chief Doug Jordan Suspended Without Pay for Visiting Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Grantville, Georgia  Sheriff Doug Jordan visited  Maricopa County, Arizona on a vacation he and his wife paid for. The Jordans honeymooned in the area. He called Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the famous and heroic Sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa county, and asked for a chat, which was granted. Black Georgia Councilman Johnny Cooks was not “pleased.” Well gosh darn! Cooks apparently does not want drug enforcement in his county.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sheriff Doug Jordan

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sheriff Doug Jordan

“It ain’t going to happen,” he added. “This story ain’t going to happen if I got anything to do with it.” I guess Mr. Cooks isn’t too keen about effective law enforcement techniques. Or perhaps he employs illegal aliens?

After a closed personnel session at Monday’s Grantville City Council meeting, Jordan was suspended for a calendar week without pay for violating the city manager’s policy of reporting anything that is not routine. The city council voted 2-1 to suspend Jordan, while 2 of its members, including the mayor himself, were also on vacation.

The two cowardly Councilmen who voted to suspend this great public servant were Mr. Cooks (EMAIL) and Mr. Barham Lundy (EMAIL). Feel free to email them to let them know you don’t approve of their disgraceful vote against Chief Jordan (keep it G-rated).

Grantville Mayor Jim Sells (Email) said later that he’s appalled at the action, and fully supports the police chief.

“I am appalled at the council’s decision to suspend our police chief without pay,” the mayor said in a statement. The mayor vowed to try and restore Jordan’s pay at the next full council meeting.

Grantville Councilman Johnny Cooks

Grantville Councilman Johnny Cooks

So what does Cooks being Black have to do with this story? About as much as his not being “pleased” has to do with a man visiting someone he admires and respects on his own dime on his own time.

What is it Cooks is objecting to? Arpaio does one thing and he does it really well. He upholds the law. What is not to like about that unless you support lawbreakers?

Arpaio has offered to travel to Georgia if necessary to support Sheriff Jordan.

The city of Grantville, Georgia lists official holidays when City Hall is closed, which includes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but NOT President’s Day.

Stay strong Sheriff Jordan.

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