Boobies Rising, Expanding In California!

Boobies are all over the state of California now.  Normally located in the Salton Sea (In the far South Eastern corner of California.), Boobies can be found everywhere in the state and for the first time in Arizona.

High-diving seabirds known as blue-footed boobies have suddenly expanded their range in California.

The birds are normally rarely found north of the Salton Sea in the far southeastern corner of the state, but in recent weeks have been found across Southern California and as far north as Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area.

Kimball Garrett of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County tells the Los Angeles Times that the birds are suddenly “all over the place.”

The species is large, bluish-gray, with a long, serrated beak, short legs and bright blue webbed feet.

Last month, the Arizona Daily Star reported a blue-footed booby appeared at Patagonia Lake State Park, the first documented sighting of the species in southeast Arizona.


What did you expect? Women’s bosoms?  Here at Maggie’s Notebook?  Well maybe.  I know you are disappointed.  So how about this picture to satisfy your desires?


Not one, but a whole bevy of beauties!

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  • Boobies rising? It must be due to global warming. Just saying….

  • Thanks for including the picture of the bathing beauties along with the boobies. After all, one good tern deserves another!

  • barry

    Thanks Maggie, for the boobies pic, the feathered one were ok too. I thought you had enough boobies in the White House?
    Love your notebook.
    Cheers Barry

  • Geo

    Good grief Maggie, for a minute there I thought you and the site had been hijacked by Woodsterman. Whew!

    I never want to confuse the two sites, ya know! Gotta keep the boobs & bewbs straight.

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  • Thank you. I was becoming very disappointed… not to mention BORED.