Bikers Get A Blogger: Time to Ride to Albany – Bikers Getting Regional to Defend the Constitution

According to Mare (or maybe you know her as Zilla of the Resistance) the eye-popping gathering of what apparently turned out to be OVER ONE MILLION Bikers on 9/11/013 in Washington, D.C. are more or less, formally organizing and Mare/Zilla will be their blogger. The next ride? Albany, New York. UPDATE 5:94 pm CDT: I need to make this very clear: I’ve mentioned the 2 Million Bikers to DC ride on 9/11/13. Mare is involved with one particular group of bikers in New York, not specifically the 2 Million Bikers Ride. The hope is that other groups will organize across the U.S. to make a difference in their regions. This is not about stepping on the toes of the 2 Million Bikers or their fabulous organizers, it is about furthering the works and stirring patriotism that Bikers represent.

Click the Graphic to Read More

Click the Graphic to Read More

Mare’s message to bloggers and bikers:

I think you’ll be seeing similar movements springing up all over the country and I hope you all will take part in whatever you can and be the Bloggers Who Save America (now, with BIKERS!).

I want to do a thing with all of you, like one of those Roll Calls I occasionally do for important stuff, but those take me a long time to pull together so it may be a bit before I start harassing you to let me add your name to a list showing support for Saving America (with BIKERS!), but if you want to go all in early, let me know and I’ll start making the list, with your name on top in the order of which you get back to me. Read the full story at Zilla of the Resistance

A Blogger for Bikers – how great is that!

In case you missed it, GG, a reader sent this photo of her beautiful Harley designed to honor all those bloggers who can no longer ride due to 9/11/01 and the wars that followed – Let’s Roll (see more here):

Harley Davidson Honoring 9-11-01 Victims, Families First Responders and Military - Owner GG

Harley Davidson Honoring 9-11-01 Victims, Families First Responders and Military – Owner GG

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