Barack Obama Sues Texas Over Voter ID Law: “We Will Not Allow The Supreme Court…”

There are no ways in which this administration is not destructive to the united states. Once again Obama is suing a state’s law which is legal under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Tying-up state finances and reducing focus on issues Texans deem important is simply the strategy of manufactured crisis.

Click the graphic to read more at SodaHead

Click the graphic to read more at SodaHead

Apparently the administration didn’t read—or has chosen to ignore—the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling stripping the feds of power over state election laws like Texas’s. The decision, issued in late June, struck down a decades-long federal preapproval requirement for certain states to enact changes to election laws. This was established under the 1965 Voting Rights Act to keep states with a history of discrimination in check.

But the Supreme Court found that the portion of the law is unconstitutional and can no longer be used to establish the “preclearance” requirements. “The conditions that originally justified these measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions,” the ruling says. Furthermore, the high court found “disparate treatment of the states” because the preclearance measure only applied to nine. This “imposes current burdens and must be justified by current needs,” according to the ruling.

The court stressed that the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment empowers states—not the federal government— to regulate elections. Not good enough for President Obama and his Department of Justice (DOJ). Nearly a dozen states have passed voter ID laws in the last few years to prevent election fraud, but the administration and many powerful Democrats (Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz  says they are a “full-scale-assault” on minority voters) insist the measures are racist and taxpayer dollars will be used to fight them. Read more at Judicial Watch

Voter IDs are free to every Texan. The state’s Attorney General Greg Abbot quotes the administration claiming voter IDs are a “racist plot to disenfranchise minority voters.” “Racist plot?” Really! Hateful and degrading to the state of Texas.

All you need to know is that Eric Holder made a statement beginning with this: “We will not allow the Supreme Court….” The GOP is sleazely comfortable with letting the Supreme Court decide ObamaCare is a tax, and constitutional, without a single challenge, when Congress didn’t write tax legislation and did not vote on tax legislation.

You’ve got to give these thugs in the White House credit for numerous devastating blows to the constitutional cheek knowing full-well, Conservatives will turn the other.

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