Aaron Alexis Dead Navy Shooter: Civilian Contractor – May Have Used Stolen I.D., Ongoing Updates on Aaron Alexis

UPDATE 9-17-13 @ 7:30 am: OOPS, it wasn’t about getting out of the Navy because he didn’t like getting out of bed early afterall. He was discharged due to unlawfully firing a gun a couple of times. Not sure if honorable, misconduct or….UPDATE 11:00 pm CDT: News is now that Alexis was NOT discharged from the U.S. Navy due to “misconduct.” Friends say he left the Reserves because he didn’t like getting up so early in the morning. UPDATE 5:54 pm CDT: Aaron Alexis discharged from Navy for misconduct. More below.Aaron Alexis is identified by NBC as the dead DC Navy Shipyard shooter. He was 34 and originally from Fort Worth, Texas. He was a “civilian contractor.” Reports from Fox this minute is a stolen identity card was found. Not clear if the i.d. was found on Alexis. Jennifer Griffin has confirmed that the second suspect has been found and eliminated as a suspect. I believe she said both men were located and neither remain suspects. Sorry I can’t be more definite about her report. Fox continues to say the second is still sought. The base is being searched – every inch of it for more evidence, and possibly, explosives. UPDATE 3:29 pm CDT: According to Police News Conference, there are now 13 dead, unknown if Aaron Alexis is one of the dead. Neal Cavuto is kinda/sorta indicating that he is not counted among the dead. Oops, at 3:34 pm Cavuto is now saying Alexis is counted among the 13 dead (unconfirmed). See my minute-by-minute reporting today before Alexis was identified here.

Aaron Alexis - Photos from FBI.gov

Aaron Alexis – Photos from FBI.gov



9-17-13 @ 7:36 am: Fox is reporting that Aaron Alexis “heard voices” was “unstable” and apparently his discharge from the Navy was forced. How did this guy get a security clearance?

9:13 pm CDT News Conference: According to the Mayor, ages of the dead range from 46 to 73. Eight incurred injury, 3 of whom were shot including Officer Scott Williams. The count of 13 dead INCLUDES Aaron Alexis.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier: Potential suspect for Black male between 40 and 50 in olive drab uniform with graying sideburns – lookout is lifted. They are comfortable to lift the ‘shelter in place’ in the neighborhood. They are eliminating that suspect because they can’t find the Black male with a long gun see on a security camera.

Only one victim has been identified as a DC resident. No active duty Military have been identified among the victims.

FBI Valerie Parlave FBI Asst. Dir in Charge: Following every lead. Have learned some info about his recent whereabouts. They need to learn the origins of the weapons use. Alexis had legitimate access to the Navy Yard as a civilian contractor and he used a valid i.d. to get onto the base.

7:08 pm CDT: Jennifer Griffin now saying that it is not totally clear if he was discharged from the Navy for misconduct. It’s possible he chose to leave and could so as he was on Reserve duty.

6:07 pm CDT Jennifer Griffin: Alexis was hired by the Navy as an information specialist after he left the Navy. While serving he was in the Reserves and was a Specialist Aviation Engineer, never served overseas or in combat. Third suspect still not found, but still sought but are still under the assumption that Alexis killed all 12 of the dead.

5:54 pm CDT: The DailyMail is reporting Aaron Alexis served almost four years in the U.S. Navy, earned two medals (Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal) and was discharged in 2011 for “misconduct.”

The Washington Navy Yard gunman who killed 12 today has previously claimed to be suffering from PTSD after helping rescue efforts in New York following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In 2004, he was arrested in Seattle for shooting the tires of someone’s car during an anger-fueled ‘blackout’.

‘He said that he didn’t remember pulling the trigger of his firearm until about one hour later,’ according to the Seattle police report.

The shooter’s father told police ‘that his son had experienced anger management problems that the family believed associated [sic] with PTSD.’…

Today Alexis, who had three different types of guns on him when he was shot,killed at least 12 people in cold blood this morning at the Washington Navy Yard. The motive has not been revealed, speculation is growing his dismissal from the U.S. Navy for ‘misconduct’ in January 2011 may have inspired him to commit a deadly revenge.

It has also been revealed he was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal prior to his discharge in January 2011. Source: DailyMail

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2421980/REVEALED-Gunman-34-murdered-TWELVE-injured-15-Washington-Navy-Yard-rampage-decorated-petty-officer-left-military-2011-previous-gun-charge.html#ixzz2f6E1X0Kz
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4:13 pm CDT: Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin is reporting that the third person they are looking for was seen on video with a long gun in front of the entrance to Building 197 (which doesn’t mean that he was involved – but was caught on security camera).

4:00 pm CDT UPDATE: Aaron Alexis was formerly an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy. No info on his release.

3:42 pm CDT UPDATE: The Ft. Worth woman who lived above Aaron Alexis’ apartment in Fort Worth said he discharged his gun into the ceiling of his apartment and into here. Cavuto is quoting the woman as saying she was “scared to death of Aaron Alexis.” He said he was cleaning his gun and no charges were filed.

Alexis worked at times as a waiter at Happy Bowl, customers said. They described him as friendly.

Alexis had recently visited Thailand and had been to Japan with a computer defense contractor, where he worked in information technology, said Sandy Guerrea-Cline, a customer at Happy Bowl and copy editor at theStar-Telegram…

Records show that Alexis was arrested in September 2010 for discharging a firearm within a municipality.

According to a Fort Worth police report, police had been dispatched to the Oak Hills apartments about 6:40 p.m. Sept 4, 2010, on a report that someone had fired a shot through the floor and into the ceiling of a woman’s apartment.

The woman told police she had been sitting in a chair when she heard a loud pop and saw dust.

“She then saw that there was a hole in her floor just a couple of feet from where she was sitting while shredding papers and a hole in the ceiling,” the report states. “She told me that she believed someone had shot a bullet through her apartment.”

The woman told police that Alexis, her downstairs neighbor, did not come up to check on her after the shooting. She said Alexis had called police on her several times in the past for “being loud” but that police never heard anything and therefore, no action was taken.

“She said that several days ago Aaron confronted her in the parking lot about making too much noise,” the report states.

The woman told police that she was “terrified” of Alexis and felt the shooting was done intentionally. ..

A friend said Alexis loved Buddhism.

“He loved to go to temple, go to meditate in Thai and English,” the friend said. “He could do both of them.”

Alexis had previously lived in Flushing, N.Y., from 2000 to 2002. It is unclear where he lived from 2002 until he moved to Fort Worth. Read more.

3:29 pm CDT UPDATE: Police Chief indicated that by 9:15 am EDT Aaron Alexis was dead – so he killed 13 in slightly less than one hour.

2: 42 pm CDT UPDATE: Fox New Jonathan Hunt: September 2009: a man by the name of Aaron Alexis was arrested in Ft. Worth, Texas. He shot through the roof of his apartment – said he was cleaning his gun. No charges were filed.

A LinkedIn page with the name Aaron Alexis has been taken down. That profile allegedly had a link to a Naval station in Ft. Worth.

Also some unidentified link to Aaron Alexis and New York.

Alexis is a 34-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, who recently began work as a civilian contractor, authorities said. FBI officials say they believe that Aaron Alexis used the identification badge of a man who used to work at Navy Yard, which may have led to some incorrect initial reports. Source: inquisitr

A name was released identifying the dead shooter earlier. That name was incorrect and those reports were retracted.

The FBI has taken the lead, something Catherine Herridge, Fox News Homeland Security reporter says is a significant shift.


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  • The contrast between that photo taken in 2010 and the one taken in 2011 is astounding. In the second photo — taken about a year later — the man looks to have aged about 20 years!

    • AOW, I finally got it from fbi.gov. She kept saying it was there in the news conference but it wasn’t. I saw the fuller-faced version right after his name was released but there was nothing to back-up who it was. He certainly ate well for at least a year. Maybe it’s all that good food at the Happy Bowl.

  • Something doesn’t smell right here. Why was he working at Happy Bowl when before that he was working for a computer defense contractor? Go from a good job to a minimum wage job? Something is not being said about him. Or am I reading too much into this?

    • findalis, my guess is that being a civilian contractor isn’t a permanent position. Also, he could have been let go because of his “anger issues.” I’m waiting for confirmation that he is traumatized from helping in the rescue efforts on 9/11/01.

  • Geo

    What we won’t be hearing from the President after this incident:

    “If I had a son, he’d look just like Aaron Alexis”

  • Jimbo

    We’ll be waiting in vain to find out: 1. What meds he was on or stopped taking. Many (most!) of the mass murderers in the last 20+ years have been on some form of SSRIs prior to their rampages; 2. How this, obviously, mentally-ill man got a “Secret” clearance; 3. What will be the backlash from the victims in yet another .gov-mandated weapons-free zone who had no possibility of defending themselves; 4. Why the .gov failed (yet again) to protect those people.

    Takeaway points: 1. Criminals can always get their hands on a firearm; 2. Only you are ultimately responsible for your own safety; 3. Liberals/Progressives/Communists will always use the deaths of unarmed victims to try to disarm the rest of us.


    • Geo

      Jimbo, add:

      This was a result of the republican sequestration.