What Can “Moderate” Muslims Do To Convince You They Want to Peacefully Co-Exist?

An American Muslim woman currently living in Egypt contacted Asylum Watch regarding a post from a few days ago when the author said “Islam is a cult of sociopaths.” The Cartoon_Moderate_Muslims_1woman, Abbey, responded graciously, and her response resulted in a new post with Abbey and hopefully some of her like-minded friends discussing the issue in comments at Asylum Watch. This is an invitation to those like-minded with the Asylum Watch position that Islam is a problem and we can no longer see a way Muslims will ever peacefully co-exist to join the discussion. So please, visit and comment if you would like to add to the discussion. While this is a passionate issue for us living here in America, it will a very good thing if our end of the discussion can be direct and honest but not mean-spirited. Visit here and perhaps some of Abbey’s friends will also join in. 

To give you an idea of the conversation, my first answer to the question is below along with Abbey’s response:

The question is how can moderate Muslims convince us they can live in peace with a civilized world.

I would like to see a massive number of Muslims publicly explain why the Koran does not require that infidels die or be submissive to Islam – especially in Western countries.

I would like to see massive numbers of Muslims give their own clerics the same message – that you will not tolerate a governance that is considered a religion to require such, and do it in open letters in newspapers or online.

I would like an explanation of the conflicting verses in the Koran. I understand the differences in the Christian Old Testament and the New Testament which has a covenant with God’s people. Where is that in the Koran? Is it there?

I would like to see massive numbers of Muslims stand up today and decry the Million Muslim March in Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2013. The constructive way to do it is to try to stop the permit for using the Washington Mall for the millions on that day.

I would to see every Muslim mother who lost her daughter to an honor killing be comforted by a massive movement of Muslim women who say this will NOT BE TOLERATED. I would suggest that the movement take a knife to the man/men who perpetrate this obscenity, but I suppose then the women would end up in a horrible prison. That’s the problem. It’s about control and the control is uncivilized. ~ Maggie

Maggie, Thank you. I can not promise that my friends and I will be able to address every question but we will attempt at least. You raised several key points which confirm to me that due to the lack of dialogue, certain actions in the Middle East which are really cultural and have no basis in the religion have been interpreted as such. I was just checking to see new posts as I work on my responses to the Sharia Law topics that I know.

On the subject of honor killing, I can assure you that they are not Islamic but cultural with a very high focus in Upper Egypt and certain geographic locations that have a more tribal history. However, even though high ranking clerics deride it and civil law condemns it, it continues as part of the culture unfortunately. And here is the challenge. ~ Abbey

I responded to her with another question. Tomorrow, Israel is on my mind.

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  • Thanks for this post, Maggie. I think your readers will find the commenta this post has recieved interesting. Abby is clearly putting a lot of time and thought into her comments. She posted a lengthy comment today on explaining Sharia law.

    • Jim, yes Abby is obviously a very thoughtful person. When I checked on the countries that are solely Sharia’h, it’s quite a few, and those just a step-down from full Sharia’h are many and not much difference. I think the thing is, when men decide to implement Sharia’h within their own family, the secular law, if there is one, looks the other way.

  • There are Moderate Muslims?

    • findalis, they’re just not out of the closet yet.

  • Carl Middleton

    As I usually do, I agree with your comments, Maggie, including … “It’s about control and the control is uncivilized.”

    May I add my personal opinion? Wild animals will always be uncivilized.

    And my answer to Findalis … NO. But if there are, they won’t be for long. Just wait, America will find out.

    • Carl, I too believe that one day there will be no doubt?

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  • Xavier

    For starters, they could establish a policy of purging their totalitarian “religion” of radicals members and extremist clerics and turning them over to the authorities.

    Of course, this will never happen. There are only two types of muslims: violent radicals willing to kill innocents to achieve world domination, and those who silently approve of jihad but lack the fortitude to act on their beliefs. A “muslim” who doesn’t fall into one of these two categories is by definition not a muslim.

    • Xavier, sorry I missed your comment earlier. You’ve laid what we’re facing: 2 types of Muslims, neither of which help peaceful co-existance.