The Middle East No Spin-Zone: The Truth Quick and Dirty

My cyber-friend Grumpy (he says he’s old and grey but I don’t believe it) found what appears to be a letter to an Examiner editor from Mr. K. N. Al-Sabah (sorry, I don’t have an Examiner link, but it is also credited to London’s Financial Times). No spin, just the truth and if you didn’t know it to be so spot-on true, it would be a great belly-laugh:


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  • That says it all. Plus the only true ally in the region is getting fed up with Obama’s antics and just might strike out on his own.

    Great Britain and Germany will NOT be joining in on Obama’s temper tantrum. France will, but they are a people without honor.

    Obama’s Foreign Policy has been a complete failure all over the world. We are the world’s laughing stock not the world’s hero.

  • Outstanding! This is why we should leave the Muslims to sort ou their own problems. And, as long as they are fighting each other, they are not attacking Israel.

    • Jim, I liked it too. Let them kill each other and if and when they come after us in the West, we end their aspirations by making their home country a wasteland gone to allah.