Ted Cruz: ObamaCare PaperWork Requires 190M+ Hours Annually – Could Build 1547 Mt. Rushmores

According to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) it took 14 years to construct Mt. Rushmore. It will take 190 Million Hours or more, every single year, to process ObamaCare paperwork. In that time Cruz says, we can recreate Mt. Rushmore 1,547 times.


According to federal agency estimates, Obamacare will add paperwork burdens totaling nearly 190 million hours or more every year. And, Mr. President, to put that in perspective, Mount Rushmore, which took 14 years to build, could be constructed 1,547 times with the paperwork Obamacare requires in one year. More: TPNN


Click any photo to see a montage of the construction of Mt. Rushmore
How big are the faces?
Heads: approximately: 60 feet.
Nose: Washington’s is 21 feet the rest are
approximately 20 feet.
Eyes: approximately 11 feet wide.
Mouths: approximately 18 feet wide.
 Ted Cruz: ObamaCare Paperwork requires 190 MILLION Hours Annually (video)

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