Ted Cruz: Justifiable Reasons to Use Military in Syria? How Committed To Democracy Are We?

Appalling that we haven’t learned from the past 12 years that we cannot help Muslim countries. Syria does gas their children. They do torture and mutilate and behead their children. This is who they are. We will never change who they are. We’ve let them stockpile weapons that can harm Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East. Really, just how dedicated are we to defending democracy around the world? The latest use of chemical weapons were released in Damascus, Syria. Look how close Damascus is to Israel.

Damascus Sitting Very Near Israel's Border

Damascus Sitting Very Near Israel’s Border

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) interviewed with Sean Hannity yesterday.

In short, he said we shouldn’t be arming any groups affiliated with Al Qaeda but we also shouldn’t be just lobbing a few missiles at Assad just to show our disapproval of the use of chemical weapons. Everything we do over there, he says, should be in our national interest and that means not letting chemical weapons fall in the hands of Hezzbollah, Al Qaeada, and other terrorist groups. Source: RightScoop – view the video here.

Have we learned that what is called ‘democracy’ is often a ruse to continue U.S. aid and keep human rights watchers at bay – a way for dictators to acheive credibility. When will we learn there is no democracy under the Koran?

Just as with Iran, the ball should have never started rolling. We’ve done nothing but run guns and perhaps other weapons into Syria from Libya and haven’t a clue whose arsenal some 400 Surface-to-Air missiles are now hidden.

As of July 2013 it is estimated that up to 106,425 have died. Children have died, been arrested and some tortured. Unless there is precise and effective action to rid Syria of weapons that can harm the U.S. and our interests, I want the U.S. to play no part in going to the aid of yet another bunch of “rebels.”

Have we learned that what is called ‘democracy’ is often a ruse to continue U.S. aid and keep human rights watchers at bay – a way for dictators to achieve credibility. When will we learn there is no democracy under the Koran?

China and Russia are warning us not to intervene after proof of Assad gassing his own people. I doubt Russia needs a ‘red line,’ or gives a damn about ours, or gives a damn about Barack Obama’s careless and hobbling ways – it’s all encouragement to both of these countries.

I’ve long thought Russia played a part in moving Saddam Hussein’s WMD from Iraq to Syria. We’ve been stupid for a very long time. Barack Obama has been cowed for a very long time.

We cannot free these people. They must leave Islam and these countries behind. Move on people. The U.S. cannot cure your ills. You are doomed to the brutality of your own.

Linked at BadBlue, uncensored news 24/7 – read it here.


  • We expect the Muslim world to accept Democracy but there is nothing in their history to accept such a system of government. Muslim nations are by their nature tribal societies with a code of law based on superstition. They have never had any history with voting or democracy. They cannot instill a democratic regime without going against the tribal leaders.

    We see this very well in Afghanistan. It is the tribal leaders who really run the country. They are the ones we’ve been bribing all these years. (Boy will they be sorry when we [and our money] leave.) The “elected” government will collapse within a month.

    Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, etc… cannot have a functioning democratic government. It is the nature of the Islamic beast to insist on the following Mantra:

    One man, one vote, one time.

    Once they gain power, they never relinquish it willingly. A dictatorship of the Imams begins. If you don’t believe so, just look at Iran. For one month there was a chance (slim one) of a true democracy. Then Khomeini returned and the idea of true democracy was destroyed. The dictatorship of the Imams started.

    Anything we do in Syria will be a mistake. Yes hundreds have died recently by a Chemical attack. But was it done by Assad or the rebels. Assad had no reason to use a WMD and the rebels are losing badly. A WMD attack linked to Assad would bring the West fighting Assad for the rebels. That is what happened in Libya.

    Maybe I’m jaded, but I don’t trust Obama to do enough to send a good message to Assad. I do believe he will start a greater Middle East conflict.

    • findalis, you’re not jaded, your just a long-time watcher, not a denier and you’re right. There is no way to do this. No one in history has ever done it. Outside of wiping out a population, they are what they are the farther away we keep them from America, the better off we ill be.

  • rh

    Syria will be the next Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan. A great post Maggie. You said it better than most of the wusses in Congress.

    • Thanks rh, I appreciate that, and yes it is just more of the same miserable web of Islam, which leads to islamization of the rest of the world.

  • I am sure our government (Obama) will do something stupid in Syria. I’ve come to expect that from our government.

    Muslims must learn to live in peace with each other before there will be any chance they can learn to live in peace with the rest of the world.

    America could use a couple of hundred more people like Ted Cruz in Washington!

    • Jim at Asylum Watch, think of a Senate full of Ted-Cruz-types. Americans would know a freedom we haven’t seen in decades. Sarah Palin can help bring that to fruition with him. They are a dyno-duo.

      BTW, about “peacefully coexisting,” we know from the post at your place that some know little or are willing to admit the truth. Instead, they “accuse.”

  • b

    Excellent post, Maggie. There was a chance for democracy (not American -style but some form of it) to emanate out from the beachhead of Iraq, but Obama ruined that. Now Al Queada runs back and forth through Baghdad tossing bombs on their way to Syria and Afghanistan and soon will be trotting down through the Gulf States.
    Obama gave the Brothers and all the rest when he kept talking early on about “Muslim countries” while forbidding anyone in the US to refer to us as a “Christian” country. In fact he specifically declared we are NOT Christian

    • b, yes Obama did declare that and once more he was dead wrong. I think the only way Iraq had a chance was to bomb the heck out of them with the first attack on our troops after we captured Saddam. We didn’t. They were emboldened. Had we acted in a huge, huge way, we would have given those true freedom seekers. But today I wonder if anything would have brought freedom to the people other than another Hiroshima. Survivors may have had a chance in Iraq.

    • My sentiments, EXACTLY. And I concur, excellent post, Maggie!

    • My sentiments, EXACTLY. And I concur, excellent post, Maggie! (This is where the reply SHOULD have been. Sorry.)

    • Forget it. **sigh**

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  • I am unconvinced that Syria’s government used chemical weapons. I do believe someone did, but the Syrian government is only one possibility. And if Assad did use them, he has to be as stupid as Hank Johnson. I wish we could trust what our government tells us, but sadly, I cannot. Moreover, let us pretend that the Three Amigos (Obama, McCain, and Graham) succeed in overthrowing Assad; who then owns those weapons of mass destruction? Is this what we want to see happen?

    I’m still waiting to hear how Syrian involvement is a US national interest. I heard a retired 4-star say yesterday that Syrian freedom was a US interest. I think he is either senile, or off his meds. Syrian freedom has never been a US interest until yesterday. Then he said, “…and to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of terrorists.” It forces me to ask, “Then why are we attempting to topple Assad again?”

    This is a Syrian problem that needs to be addressed by the Syrian people and their regional partners. I think the US should stay home and watch Netflix.

    • MY Commandant of the Marine Corps has spoken. It is true. Matter settled.

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