Teamsters Turn Westboro Baptist – Picket Child’s Funeral, Laughed: Obscenities – Unleashed a German Shepherd: Teamsters – Obama Donors

This should be a battle Obama fights for a child’s family, as he did for Trayvon Martin, but perhaps the child was white, I don’t now. The Teamsters Union, huge Obama donors with Local 727 located in Chicago, are picketing funeral homes belonging to SCI Illinois Services, Inc. The Teamsters’ performance on the streets sounds just like the antics of Westboro Baptist Church. A judge has ordered picketing funeral directors and drivers with Teamsters Local 727 to “suspend” their protests immediately outside of funeral homes. They have blocked family members from leaving a parking lot. They shouted obscenities at mourners. Get this: they “unleashed a German Shepard on a dead woman’s daughter and husband.” At a child’s funeral they “laughed,” and their laughter was so disrupting, police were called.

Grinning Idiots of Teamsters Local 727 standing in front of Lloyd Mandel Funeral Home

Grinning Idiots of Teamsters Local 727 standing in front of Lloyd Mandel Funeral Home

“We will be here for the visitation; we will be here for your funeral,” Teamster driver Lester Plewa allegedly shouted into a bullhorn as a funeral director met with a dying man planning his arrangements with family members. Source WZ

Teamsters for Obama

Teamsters for Obama

Free Beacon (more on the Teamsters relationship with Obama here):

The appellate court ordered the Teamsters on July 25 to “refrain from conveying any actual or veiled threats against any person, also, refrain from obstructing, hindering, impeding or blocking any person’s entry to or exit from any funeral site or any facility containing a funeral site.”…

Obama, then a junior senator of Illinois, pledged in private meetings with Teamster leadership to end federal oversight of the powerful union, which had come under scrutiny for its ties to the mafia under Jimmy Hoffa, father to current Teamsters President James Hoffa Jr. Both sides denied any quid pro quo in the deal.

Does it get any sicker than striking funeral directors joining in these protests? Who could know better the grief of the loss of a loved one than those creepy guys in the black suits with their hands folded in front of them? What goes on in their minds when they meet with mourners? Bet they can’t wait to take to the sidewalk with their signs and filthy rhetoric.

If the Teamsters believe the funeral industry has acted inappropriately, they have many avenues to solve the problem, but no one can bring a child back, or forget the bunch of goons standing outside laughing the last time you viewed your baby before burial. Barack Obama was immediately in front of a microphone to speak on behalf of Trayvon Martin. Where is he on this issue of his big-time-donor-jerks assaulting the families of the dead – the family of a child? Why was no one arrested when Teamsters reportedly unleashed a German Shepherd on a grieving family on public property?

Westboro Baptist Church Rally in Topeka, Kansas

Westboro Baptist Church Rally in Topeka, Kansas

Westboro Baptist Church members from Topeka, Kansas regularly attend funerals of gays and Military across the U.S. They do not have a revolving door to the White House but the Teamsters do.

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  • It’s said that it takes all kinds to make the world go around. I think the world would do just fine without these jerks!

  • These creatures have no soul, no honor, no humanity. This is the best example of socialism at its best. I do hope they get a good punch in the nose one of these days.

  • montanaconserv

    Hence the reason I don’t live in Illinois anymore.. it’s a shame that the state has become so corrupt…

    • montanaconserv, you can credit much of that to Obama’s time there and Alinsky principles.

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  • RH

    Where is Obama, Holder and the media when we need them. The media should be taking pictures and taking names, to be publish in the local papers. The least they could do is shame these thugs and bullies, but I guess that is the problem – they have no shame. Holder should be identifying the responsible local union leaders and taking them to court. What the union did should qualify as hate crimes; they are committing a hateful act and it should be a crime. If we cannot send them to jail, I receive some consolation in knowing their souls will rot in hell.

    • RH, the administration only gets involved when they can use an event against ‘other than the minority.’ The good news for ‘them?’ We’ll soon be a minority.

  • Press Watch

    CDC says 50% of adults get a mental illness –
    That 50% must be the liberals

    • Press Watch, works for me 🙂

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