Suzanne Mubarak: What Now That Her Husband May Be Released?

With the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, Suzanne Mubarak his wife of 50+ years was charged with corruption. She forfeited $3.4 million dollars and a villa in Cairo to gain her release from custody. In an interview in February 2012 she wrote that her lawyer wrote “a waiver of all my property to the Egyptian government.” In her ‘memoirs’ she said that she attempted suicide with sleeping pills when she learned her arrest was imminent. Her husband Hosni Mubarak has spent most of his time after stepping down as a patient in a prison or military jail. Other reports say he is in Tora Prison where Muslim Brotherhood detainees are currently held. Mubarak was diagnosed as having a heart attack in April 2011 and was removed from life support in June 2012. Also in June 2012 Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison. Their two sons were acquitted. Today we hear that a court has ordered his release and that he is not guilty of embezzlement. Appeals on charges of murder loom.

Suzanne Mubarak - Egypt

Suzanne Mubarak

Suzanne Mubarak also revealed many surprising facts about the last days of her husband’s presidency.

“USA, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait offered husband and all family members political asylum at the beginning of February 2011. But when he resigned on February 11, these offers were immediately called off,” the former first lady said.

She said it was her elder son, Alaa and not the younger Gamal who assisted his father in making the last fateful decisions.

“On February 1, during a telephone conversation with Barack Obama, my husband agreed to resign but said he did not want to make personal announcement. He also asked for written guarantees that nothing happen with him and his family. These guarantees were given by a special envoy from the US (sic),” Suzanne said.

She was released on May 17, 2011.

In February 2012 an Arab website said Suzanne Mubarak received 10 million British pounds for a book deal.

Now we hear that her husband Hosni Mubarak has been cleared of embezzlement.

Although there have been widely reported but poorly substantiated allegations of a $40 billion to $70 billion fortune amassed by the Mubarak family, few diplomats in Egypt find those tales even remotely credible. “Compared to other kleptocracies, I don’t think the Mubaraks rank all that high,” says one Western envoy in Cairo, asking not to be named on a subject that remains highly sensitive. “There has been corruption, [but] as far as I know it’s never been personally attached to the president and Mrs. Mubarak. They don’t live an elaborate lifestyle.” Source: Daily Beast February 2011

At some point after Mubarak was forced out of office, the entire family’s bank accounts were frozen – including accounts outside of Egypt. The sons were acquitted. What happens now that the former Egyptian ruler has been absolved of embezzlement?

The Mubarak Family Before Arrest

The Mubarak Family Before Arrest

Suzanne Mubarak is the daughter of an Egyptian doctor and a Welsh mother. Her two sons are said to hold both Egyptian and British citizenship. There have many rumors that Suzanne Mubarak fled to exile in one of the many countries offering safety (including the U.S. and Israel) but I can’t confirm that and it appears that she has been allowed to stay close to her husband.