Samantha Power New UN Ambassador Missed Emergency UN Meeting, Just as Did Susan Rice in 2010

In 2010 then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, wanted to finish her Memorial Day weekend in Washington, D.C., and so she did and so she missed the emergency meeting to lynch Israel for their handling of a sea blockade of Turkish ships trying to get to Gaza. Today Rice’s replacement, Samantha Power, was also indisposed at a critical time when the U.N. called an emergency meeting to deal with the claim that Syria may have used chemical weapons on up to 1800 Syrians. UPDATE 8-23-13 @ 9:40 am CDT: Fox News confirms that Power was on a “personal trip” when the emergency meeting was called. She had been on the job for only 22 days.

Ssmantha Power (nothing like showing a little clevage in your official U.S. Photograph)

Ssmantha Power (nothing like showing a little cleavage in an official U.S. Photograph)

She took the Ambassador’s position this month, August 2013. Surely it’s not yet vacation time yet. No one seems to know where she is or what she is doing on behalf of her employer, the good people of the United States of America.

In 2010 we were told while Rice was not physically in the emergency meeting, she was “engaged.” Same language tonight about Power. She wasn’t there but was “engaged.”


  • She is just keeping up with her man Cass Sunstein. Her tweet: “UN must get there fast” Not so much for her.

    • Bunkerville, she and Cassie are probably on vacation. HOW CAN THAT BE? She just took the job? If not on vacation, how can she be on official business after less than one month on the job? So disgusting.

    • Bunkerville, still don’t understand how anyone can explain away being on the job for 22 days and being on vacation at a time like this.

  • Syrians being killed by Assad is not important to the Obama Regime. Now if it was being done by Israel, she would be first in line to lynch them.