Sama Elmasry Egyptian Belly Dancer Dances – Discusses Obama, His Mother, His Father Video

Egyptian Belly Dancer, Sama Elmasry (or Elmasri or al-Masri) is reportedly the second wife of an Islamic religious leader, Anwar El Balkimi (Balkimy), who won a seat for the Al-Nour party inside the new Egyptian government, before being expelled for acting like an American (had a nose job). In the video below, Sama defames Barack Obama, his mother and his father, says Obama supports terrorism, as did the Muslim Brotherhood and calls him a “dirty man,” “stupid” and a “jerk.” She incorrectly says Obama called the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood a coup and says he is “Israel” and “Turkey.” She calls the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Ann Patterson an “Old Bitch Woman,” and chides Obama for meeting with the al-Nour Islamist Party (Alnoor) which she says is the same as the Brotherhood.

Sama Elmarsy (al-Masri) Egyptian Belly Dancer

Sama Elmarsy (al-Masri) Egyptian Belly Dancer

Interesting about that, is this:

The Islamist Nour Party adheres to the principles of the Salaf, which means “predecessors” or “ancestors”. The Salafi take the earliest Muslims as model examples of Islamic practice. Plastic surgery and a secret marriage to an unveiled belly-dancer are against Salafi fundamentalist principles.

So this is the equivalent of a member of Congress elected on a Tea Party platform having a sex-change and a second wife who is a prostitute. In other words, Egypt has achieved American-style democracy. Source: GraceLessLand

Sama says Balkimi was married with children and she was unaware of that when she secretly married him. She filed for divorce in March. Anwar el-Balkimi says he didn’t marry her – never even met Sama. She says she has a pre-nup and is seeking a settlement of over $41,000 USD.

Alnoor or al-Nour supported removing Morsi, and is considered far more conservative than the MB. The foundation of al-Nour party is establishing Shariah law as the sole law in Egypt.

Officials in the ultraconservative Salafi Al-Nour Party warned that some of its followers were abandoning the party and joining Morsi’s supporters in the street, from the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist allies.

Al-Nour leaders scrambled to try to find a way out of their corner. The group announced it was suspending cooperation with the interim leadership over its “road map” for the post-Morsi political system, denouncing the “massacre,” and demanded an immediate start to reconciliation efforts between Morsi and his opponents. Source: Fox News

Yesterday a AhramOnline story quotes an al-Nour spokesman saying the new post-Morsi government is not engaging with Islamist parties:

Salafist El-Nour Party spokesperson Sherif Taha said in a statement Sunday that Interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi has not sent an invitation for dialogue to Islamist parties and has met only non-Islamist parties, condemning this as an “increase to the already existing polarisation.”

Watch the video for anything but belly dancing skills.

 Egyptian Belly Dancer Sama Elmasry Chides Obama, his Mother and his Father (video)

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