Rep Louis Guiterrez Former Leader of Puerto Rican Socialist Party: House Has Enough Republicans to Pass Immigration

Democrat Congressman Louis Guiterrez (D-IL) says 40 to 50 Republicans in the House are ready to vote for what he calls “comprehensive immigration reform,” meaning the Senate’s Gang of 8 bill, perhaps with a few changes. If your U.S. Congressman is home and brave enough to hold a Townhall, put him/her on the spot now and ask if he/she supports immigration reform as written by the Gang of 8. If she/he says ‘no,’ ask them what they will support about the Senate bill, then ask him/her to promise not to support any House version of the Senate bill that will go to conference for reconciliation. If you are told the bill will fix the problems, tell them they lie. In the video below you will hear Guiterrez say he wants “to get to conference.” If this radical one-time “leader of the the Puerto Rican Socialist Party – a Marxist-Leninist, pro-Cuban organization” wants to get to conference, be assured he will do everything possible to get there, but he can only do it with the help of Republicans. See the video below. I’ve removed the video as it is set on autostart and I can’t change the setting, so…view it at The Hill (it’s long and filled with propaganda anyway).

John Boehner

John Boehner

The fact is, few if any of those Republicans deciding to support the Gang of 8 idea of immigration “reform” won’t be holding Townhalls. They won’t go on-the-record. They are afraid of you. Do some research and come to some conclusion about your Representative, and if that conclusion is, he/she is likely to cave rather than work with her/his own peers on a series of individuals bills that start with securing the border, make contact with him/her over and over and express your dismay and anger.

If we can believe what we hear coming out of the House, there are those House_of_Representatives_Red_Blue_1working to bring about some type of reform using smaller bills, one-at-a-time, rather than mammoth legislation that no one understands and no one reads.

If Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is your representative, call his office and say you expect him to abide by an earlier promise not to bring up an immigration vote until, and unless, there are a majority of Republicans supporting a specific piece of legislation.

The rule is an old concept, but practiced by former GOP speaker J. Dennis Hastert, it says that when the GOP controls the House, the Republican leadership will not move on legislation unless the “majority of the majority” supports the position. Source: Townhall, Neil McCabe

There are 234 Republicans in the House of Representatives. Forty or 50 isn’t close to a majority, Democrats 200, zero Independents.

The Townhall article linked above is dated June 15, 2013 and indicates Boehner has no plan to honor what the majority of his Party wants.

Now, the speaker declared the rule a dead letter and signaled his desire to pass the president’s immigration agenda by building a new coalition with Democrats.

As conservatives recoiled at the heresy, members of Team Boehner reassured outsiders that under speakers Hastert and Newton L. Gingrich, the rule was violated anywhere from 18 to 30 times.

To the Republican careerists surrounding the speaker, it is not a big deal. But, the numbers involved make it a really big deal if the GOP expects to win elections.

In the House GOP today, the “majority of the majority” is housed in the 170-member Republican Study Committee, its the conservative bloc.

One gauge of the RSC’s effectiveness is that only 104 out of 242 Republicans voted for the RSC’s alternative Fiscal Year 2013 Budget. That puts the conservative terra firma in the House at slightly less than one-quarter of the body.

If Boehner holds to those 138 Republicans, who voted against the conservative budget plan, he is still short 80 votes for the 218 votes that make majority in the 435-seat House.

This is where it gets juicy for the Democrats. Minority Leader Nancy P. Pelosi (D.-Calif.) knows how to collect and hold on to votes. If she gives Boehner a number it is solid, unlike the sand dance numbers the speaker gets from his own whip Rep. Kevin O. McCarthy (R.-Calif.).

Think about it. We have the majority on an issue that will change America significantly and forever. We have Representatives wanting a fix for the illegal problem, but they want to do it right, and they want to secure the border first. They don’t want felons to remain in the country. They perhaps, will prevent the entire family tree from flooding over the border. We don’t know because we haven’t seen these smaller bills, but Boehner must give them a chance.

In stark contrast to prior Obama administration statements, Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez told The Daily Caller that he and the National Council of La Raza were deeply involved in the crafting and implementation of a controversial Obama administration memo that many conservatives believe amounts to a policy of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Guiterrez says he knows who the 40 or 50 are. Democrats lie like a rug, so let’s pray he’s wrong but take nothing for granted. Search-out your local Townhalls and see if you can make a difference, and keep this on your radar for when Congress is back in session in September.

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