Rand Paul Syria: Shall Your Sons and Daughters Fight for Those Who Want to Kill Christians?

What we learned from Iraq and Afghanistan is that if we are going to fight, we must fight to win. What we learned is that Islamic countries want to kill us no matter what we do to try to free them from hideous dictators. So now we know how the story goes and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is bringing it home to us. Among the many arguments Senator Paul makes is his hesitation to help factions (either side) who are committed to killing Christians. As you know, those factions are all factions in any Islamic country. The video below with Paul and Sean Hannity is powerful.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

We do have to fight on occasions, but when we fight we should fight to win, we should fight for an American cause. I can’t see fighting to impose Sharia’h Law in Syria. I also can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians. I also can’t see my son going to fight on the same side as al-Qaeda. There are so many ironies and unfortunate muddling nature to this that I can’t see why we should get involved… ~ Rand Paul

Rand Paul Interview With Sean Hannity (video)
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  • Lee Thomas

    I guess it was okay that Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds and when a Republican wants to make things right it becomes a war crime.

    But when Syrians gas their own people and a Democrat wants to make things right its the bravest of the brave doing a noble and wonderful thing.

    We have fought enough freakin wars in the Middle east anyone that is beating the drum for this are just plain crazy.

    • Lee Thomas, I don’t think we went into Iraq because Saddam gassed the Kurds. We went into Iraq because we believed they trained al-Qaeda there and because they had WMD.

      As I said in the article, after all these years, haven’t we learned…. I agree that we need to stay out of this, because we know they will always kill their own, no matter who is sitting on the throne of power. We cannot help the women and children and the good men (and I believe there are some) to a workable dose of democracy. We will always be hated. We can’t change it, and in Syria, either faction in power will eventually target infidels.

  • Yos

    There are many “sides” in the war – and none of them ultimately good for Christians.

    Basically I’m with Rand, but on one exception: We ought to arm and assist via materiel and intel our one ally in the neighborhood.

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