• norma brown

    It’s not my state or my vote, but you people need somebody else, who can actually think for himself and knows to whom he must respond.

    • Norma, he started out conservative and now has morphed into holding the shirt-tails of Coburn and Company. Looks like we have 3 that need to go, although every county in Oklahoma voted red.

  • “This is not something anyone ordered; this is not an outcome anybody intended.”

    We do not know that because, Mr. Cole, there is a COVER-UP going on or haven’t you noticed?

    • Jim, unbelievable that a Republican would say this about Benghazi. We were involved in things we should not have been involved in. Many are going to die because of the missing SAMs and we lost 4 Americans because we denied security increases – perhaps for a reason, like kidnapping to achieve the release of the Blind Sheikh. Corruption at the highest levels yet they are talking their way out of it with the help of Republicans.

  • juandos

    The RINO is strong in Cole…

    Aparently Cole and his staff are firm believers in ignorance being bliss…

    • juandos, or perhaps “bliss” is payback of some sort, like being a member in standing of the “Good Ole Boys Club.” Thanks stopping by, reading and commenting.

  • “I don’t think this is the equivalent of Watergate or Iran-Contra. There’s a big difference when literally somebody in the White House was ordering these things. ”

    Did the White House refuse the additional security requested before the attack? Did the White House tell potential rescuers to “stand down” during the attack? Did the White House order (most certainly) for some BS story (lie) about a video that incited a riot be repeated constantly for weeks?

    Our problem is that we do not know exactly what the White House ordered. Our elected members of Congress need to grow a spine and investigate it to find out. The potential is that it is far, far worse than Watergate. If Tom Cole doesn’t have the cojones to find out, perhaps it’s time for Oklahoma to find someone who does?

    • proof, that’s the next step to replace him, but he’s well-dug-in and the GOP will give him plenty of support when elections roll around. Watergate didn’t come close to Benghazi. Sent chills of dread up my spine.

      • Thinking conservatives (but I repeat myself!) should NOT send money to the GOP, but should direct it towards candidates they know will uphold their values and the Constitution.

        • proof, agreed. I haven’t given them money in years, going back to GWB. When I can tell it’s them calling I pick up receiver and leave it off the hook. Telling them no to call again didn’t work.

          • Out here in CA, long before the Tea Parties, there was a conservative R woman, running unopposed in the primary, who was going to take on one of the liberal Dems that run this place. The GOP promptly sent money to defeat her in the primary, in the form of support for an old guard RINO they persuaded to enter the race. No money for you!

  • He’s right- Benghazi is WORSE

    • Today Cole is probably hoping his remark is taken that way, but it’s not what he meant.

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