Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole: Chris Christie the Likes of…Ronald Reagan – TeaParty to Alcoholics

Earlier this week I had an article on Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole (R) who among other things said Benghazi did not reach the level of Watergate. He compared the Tea Party to your alcoholic family member, ‘Joe,’ who has ruined too many Christmas parties. Now he is comparing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Republican icons:

Tom Cole

Tom Cole

Chris Christie is a governing Republican in the tradition that includes the likes of Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Ford and, yes, Ronald Reagan. ~ Tom Cole

Cole doesn’t stop the idolization of Christie with comparisons to Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Ford and Reagan. Read the rest at Powerline including commentary on how “GOP BigWigs might react to a Christie run in 2016.

Read about Tom Cole’s Moore, Oklahoma and Norman, Oklahoma town halls here. The two were quite different. Big crowds turned out. They were energized, frustrated and had great questions.

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  • poptoy1949

    This Do Do bird has got to go……….enough already. I smell a RINO !

    • poptoy1949 – yes, he’s been there too long.

  • Does Nurse Ratched know that he’s escaped the hospital grounds and out wandering around again?

  • Please tell me that the good people of Oklahoma have had enough of this bird brain.

  • I didn’t realize Reagan was actually a 400 pound RINO. Mr. Cole looks slightly deranged … as if he’s been cooking meth with Walter White.

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