Oklahoma Most Conservative State Legislators Ranking

The Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper ranks state Representatives and Senators each year based on ten votes on specific pieces of legislation. See a list of the most conservative in the Oklahoma Congress below.

The following is the 2013 Legislation used for rankings. The ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote shown is considered “conservative” (read a description of each bill here).

Left to Right: David Brumbaugh, Dennis Casey, Bobby Cleveland, Josh Crockroft, Sally Kern, Lewis Moore, Jason Murphrey, Marty Quinn

1. Prohibit Foreign Laws (Yes) (Passed)

2. Guns in Private Schools (Yes) (Passed)

3. Drivers License Fee Increase (No) (Passed)

4. Film Enhancement Rebates (No) (Failed)

5. Workers Comp Reform (Yes) (Passed)

6. Work for Food Stamps (Yes) (Passed)

7. Income Tax Cut (Yes) (Passed)

8. Nondiscrimination in Treatment (Yes) (Passed)

9. Morning After Pill (Yes) (Passed)

10. Health Insurance Mandate (No) (Passed)

Representatives 100% Conservative (photos above L-R in the order below)
David Brumbaugh, Broken Arrow
Dennis Casey, Morrison
Bobby Cleveland, Slaughterville
Josh Crockroft, Tecumseh
Sally Kern, Oklahoma City
Lewis Moore, Arcadia
Jason Murphey, Guthrie
Marty Quinn, Claremore

No Senators scored 100%

Representatives 93% Conservative:
Dan Fisher, El Reno
Paul Wesselhoft, Shawnee

Senator 93% Conservative:
Anthony Sykes, Moore

Representatives 90% Conservative:
Jon Echols, Oklahoma City
Randy Grau, Edmond
Elise Hall, Oklahoma City
Mark McCullough, Sapulpa
Glen Mulready, Tulsa
Pat Ownbey, Ardmore
Jason Smalley, Stroud

Senators 90% Conservative:
Cliff Aldridge, Choctaw
Nathan Dahm, Broken Arrow
Kyle Loveless, Oklahoma

The rankings drop from 90% Conservative to 86% Conservative. See the list of those in the 80 percentile here.

No legislators scored zero conservative this year, but the legislator with the lowest Conservative score was Emily Virgin of Norman, who scored a dismal 16%. Another House member, Kay Floyd of Oklahoma City, scored only 20%, as did Senate member Constance Johnson of Forest Park. These three legislators are the Top Liberal list for this session. Source: Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper

NewsOK, Ray Carter, Editorial Writer  is dubious about the rankings based on just ten votes out of “hundreds,” but when I consider the list above, I see issues important to our state. The two that may not appear to be obvious?

1) The Driver’s License Fee Increase may see like a small issue but the reality is that it is a tax, not a fee.

2) Nondiscrimination in Treatment deals with health care and requires health care providers to administer life-preserving health care services to every patient regardless if they are elderly, disabled, terminally ill or unable to pay for services.

If you are an Oklahoman, give these Oklahoma Patriots a thank you. Find contact information for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives here, and the Oklahoma Senate here.