NSA Spies on Foreign “Love Interests” #LOVINT: Republican Candidates – You Are So Screwed!

See, we’re not stupid. Obama and his nemesis Dick Cheney both tell us there have been no abuses from the NSA spying program. They aren’t the only two, but are the two I’ve heard it from just today. NSA officers have admitted they spied on their “love interests,” whatever that means. How embarrassing. How outrageous. And it’s been going on for a decade! The spying wasn’t on an American “love interest” so we have NSA officers romantically involved with foreigners. And spying on them. Perfect set-up for blackmail. The spying had nothing to do with Septembe 11, 2001 or terrorism. Among the gazillion communications collected, these perverts targeted and found their specific “love interest.” Republicans running for political office, you are so screwed. It’s too early for the Left to start throwing around their own interpretations of your private messages, but they will. You won’t know what hit you, and you won’t be able to prove it, but you can count on it. Read the story at the Wall Street Journal, and by the way, these NSA loverboys created their own label for their particular brand of spying: LOVINT. Great hashtag. Jim Kouri reminds us that the NSA is using more and more contractors…with certain allegiances. Read it here.

NSA Spying on LOVINT

NSA Spying on LOVINT

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