Nidal Hasan’s Rear End Transported by Helicopter From Jail to Court: Lives in Private Room – Has ‘Hasan Hut’ at Courthouse

The U.S. Army says the daily helicopter airlifts of Fort Hood murderer Nidal Hasan to and from the Bell County Jail (about 20 miles) is necessary because the jail doesn’t have adequate facilities to allow him to work on his legal defense. He is provided with a trailer next to the courthouse. known as the “Hasan Hut” which costs $8,000 per month. Actually, there are two helicopters assigned to Hasan, one of them for his “security team.” According to Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange, Hasan has a private “room” at the jail – not a “cell,” fully equipped to meet the needs of his self-induced medical condition – built “separately, just for him.” The U.S. Army has a private contract with the Sheriff’s office, to provide a private guard for Hasan 12 hours every day. As of two months ago, the cost his incarceration had reached $548,000, as of one year ago, the cost of his defense reached $550 MILLION.


Most of that cost — about $472,000 — is for security. It includes overtime pay for staff members assigned to Hasan’s area of the jail.

Nearly $76,000 is for housing, and feeding Hasan costs about $12 per day.

The U.S. Department of Defense pays for all that while still paying Hasan’s salary. Source: NBC

That private room is where Nidal Hasan’s brother Anas, a resident of the West Bank of Palestine, meets or has met with Nidal over 200 times – in complete privacy. Anas has been allowed to aid Hasan’s various legal teams over the past almost 4 years. Is he searched when before he visits his brother? Are conversations with anyone who meets with Nidal recorded? What about phone calls?

Every pill he takes, the physical therapy he needs, his wheelchair, the attendance to his personal hygiene – we pay for it all, but have denied those who survived his wrath some of the most basic care.

Hasan has received almost $300,000 in military pay since he murdered 14, yet his medical bill is zero.

His attorney fees are zero. His paralegal fees are zero. His grocery bill is zero. Maybe he pays for the snacks he sends his security detail to the canteen to buy fetch for him.

We will pay $88,000 per year to incarcerate him for the rest of his life or if he receives the death penalty and actually receives death, until then, which will be years down the road. He won’t be the normal death row inmate. He is paralyzed from the waist down. He will need unprecedented care.

Hasan admits guilt. We’re not dealing with accusations that he’s guilty. He admits he killed and and wounded and maimed and emotionally scarred so many. We must mourn what Military leadership is today and pray it returns to it’s distinguished history of common sense, and sense of duty and obligation to do the right thing to defend the innocent rather than the enemy.

For background on the Fort Hood murders, and trial news, visit Fort Hood Jihad.

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