Nidal Hasan Soldier of Allah – Self Proclaimed: SOA Compounds Near Hasan in Washington, DC

Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hasan has repeatedly said he was a Soldier of Allah. Soldiers of Allah are not just a follower of Islam or even just a lone jihadi. Also known as SoA or SOA, Soldiers of Allah are an American-born, Pakistan-supported-group founded by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who was the iman of a Brooklyn, New York mosque at one time. SOA has terrorist cell compounds located throughout the United States – some 31 locations (see the map below) – multiple of them located near Hasan’s Washington DC location before moving to Fort Hood. His murders of 14, one unborn, is wholly protected by the Obama administration DOJ which determined the massacre was “workplace violence,” not terrorism. This insanity and obscenity prevents Military victims from receiving valuable medical benefits they desperately need – while Hasan, now paralyzed from the waist down, gets the best care the Military can provide. Washington, D.C. is purposefully ignoring the threat of the Soldiers of Allah in the U.S. 

Nidal Hasan - Fort Hood Jihadist

Nidal Hasan – Fort Hood Jihadist

With just days before he heads to trial, the accused Fort Hood shooting suspect, Maj. Nidal Hasan, renounced his citizenship with the United States, repudiated his Army oath and publicly embraced — once again — his affiliation as a “Soldier of Allah.”

The term Soldier of Allah is used by Gilani, but media are not tying the two together. Gilani’s group worldwide is known as Jamaat al-Fuqra. “Al-Fuqra” and is the name also attached to the U.S. camps. Hasan spent years in Washington, D.C. where he had plenty of access to the Muslims of America (MoA) al-Fuqra compounds and influence before moving to Fort Hood and mowing-down U.S. soldiers with a gun in each hand.

Muslims_of_America (Jamaat al-Fuqra) in America

Muslims_of_America (Jamaat al-Fuqra) in America

Jamaat al-Fuqra = al-Fuqra = Muslims of America = Soldiers of Allah

His beliefs were revealed on Thursday, via personal writings about American and Islam that were released to Fox News.

The documents included the acronym “SoA,” widely believed to stand for “Soldier of Allah.” In one Oct. 18, 2012, document, Maj. Hasan said it’s not “permissible” for someone to choose America’s political system over Shariah law, Fox News said. He also wrote that Muslims shouldn’t “compromise their beliefs” for those who don’t follow the tenets of Islam. Source: Washington Times

Nidal Hasan’s radicalism was known to the U.S. Military, yet 14 died, many wounded critically and maimed. This movement of American-born and bred jihad is huge. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) freely walks the halls of Congress, places interns in Democrat lawmaker’s offices, and drives the public fight to keep the DHS, FBI and Congress looking the other way. Combine that with the Military, the Executive branch and the DOJ protecting Muslims from scrutiny, and America, we have a bigger problem than jihadis overstaying their Visa.

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