Nidal Hasan Rests Defense: History Forever Changed Sanitized – No Archive for Jihadi Terrorism at Ft. Hood

This morning Nidal Hasan rested his case. He called no witnesses. He did not testify. The judge ruled that his emails to American-born cleric Anwar Awlaki, dead-by-drone, could not be used as evidence of Hasan’s premeditation to commit terrorism on American soil. When the case is reviewed and settled into the archives, there will be no mention of terrorism. There will be nothing in textbooks for your children to truthfully learn. By the time your grandchildren are old enough to consider the danger of Islam and the Hasan case, there will be no-there-there.

Nidal Hasan - Fort Hood Jihadist

Nidal Hasan – Fort Hood Jihadist

In an interview published on Al Jazeera’s Web site, radical Muslim cleric Anwar al Awlaki says that Maj. Nidal Hasan, charged with killing 13 in last month’s Fort Hood massacre, asked for guidance about killing American military personnel in his very first e-mail.

Awlaki claims that Hasan initiated the e-mail correspondence with a message on Dec. 17, 2008. “He was asking about killing U.S. soldiers and officers,” says Awlaki. “His question was is it legitimate [under Islamic law].”

The Al Jazeera questioner asks for confirmation that Hasan forwarded this query nearly a year before the shooting.

“Yes,” responds Awlaki. “I am astonished. Where was American intelligence that claimed once that it can read any car plate number anywhere in the world?”

Hasan and Awlaki exchanged as many as 18 e-mails in the year prior to the shooting. As ABC News had previously reported exclusively, Hasan had discussed martyrdom with Awlaki, asking when jihad is appropriate, and whether it is permissible if there are innocents killed in a suicide attack. Hasan also told Awlaki he looked forward to seeing him in the afterlife and sharing non-alcoholic wine.

Anwar al-Awlaki

Anwar al-Awlaki

The night before the Fort Hood murders, a local strip club said Hasan was a somewhat regular visitor and paid for two “lap dances” in a private room. Awlaki had been arrested in the U.S. for prostitution – but these evil-doers were/are looking forward to non-alcoholic wine and of course, their 72 virgins. Imagine Hasan’s disappointment, the guy who had to ask Awlaki to find a bride for him, will have to wait many, many years before he meets his virgins.

The workplace violence designation is an “irresponsible, indefensible breach” of our nation’s pledge to service members.

It denies these victims cost-free VA health care for five years, as they would receive for combat injuries.

It denies them cost-free counseling and critical mental health services.

It denies them tax-free disability benefits and Combat-Related Special Compensation.

It denies them eligibility for the Purple Heart and its related benefits. Source

The Judge in the Hasan case denied the Awlaki emails to be admitted into evidence. Legal pundits say she is trying to avoid a retrial claim. They don’t think it’s important because he will be convicted anyway. I don’t know if Judge Tara Osborn has achieved that goal, but when court records are reviewed, the official history – the trial – will not prove the case of jihad at Fort Hood by an “extremist” or “radical” Muslim – just another employee gone-postal.

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  • I’d be more than delighted to send him to “paradise”.

  • I wonder if they will give him the death penalty if they find him guilty. It would be a crock if he was found not guilty and set free.

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  • I’ve got mixed emotions about all this. Part of me wants to give him the rope and the other part wants him to get a life sentence. If he gets death (which he wants,) he becomes a martyr and gets 72 Virgins — he thinks. If he gets life, he doesn’t become a martyr and misses out on the 72 Virgins deal. To go along with the life sentence, there should be no beard, no Quran, no prayer mat and no grease for the wheelchair bearings.

    I’m leaning towards the death sentence. He’ll find out real quick that he’s been scammed about the 72 Virgins and the cult that he’s in (besides, who said the 72 Virgins were women?)

    But, if he gets life (even with a minimum of the conditions set forth,) he would spend the rest of his days in a living hell — until he got to Hell.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    • Marine4Ever, I support the death penalty but I never really care so long as I know a death penalty criminal will never get out of prison. Many think even if he gets the death penalty, it will be overturned eventually. In looking at the mil cases on death row, I think his would be upheld. I’m okay with him wheeling around in the tiny space of his hopefully tiny cell. Lots of military there because they tried to free a lot of Hasan’s people. It won’t be a friendly environ for him.

      I agree about his “reward.” If he doesn’t get death, there will be comfort in him thinking about them constantly until…unless our mil prisons allow him to marry and have visits from the wife.

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