MLK Washington DC: Flag of the United States Becomes the Flag of Obama

No words. A picture is worth a thousand of them. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be appalled at this desecration celebrating his I Have a Dream speech (at least I think he would be appalled).

Obama_Flag_1 Take a look at the NEA (National Education Association) T-shirt on the woman holding the flag

Via BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson:


Via John Gort

Thanks to Weasel Zippers!

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  • poptoy1949

    This has got to be the greatest insult to Americanism ever. Those Communist Bastards will have to pay for this one.

  • Justsomebody

    The one instance I’ll approve of flag burning

  • burn that damned flag he is so un-American M.L.K. would be ashamed

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  • The Flag of the Obamanation has been around since 2009. It has been waved in crowds, flown over houses and at least once, outside a Democrat Party headquarters office.

    • proof, yes, I’ve posted them before. Trying not to get so bored with the adoration that I don’t express the insanity.

  • Jvance


  • rh

    Please note that in photo #1, the woman holding the flag is a wearing a NEA t-shirt. Nice huh?

    • rh Someone pointed that out on FB. I added it to the post. Thanks. The NEA soul’s sold.