Jim Bridenstine: No One Threatening Government ShutDown – No One! Tulsa World Gets Clearer Focus?

Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) has an op-ed on ObamaCare in the perpetually hard-left Tulsa World. As an aside, The World was recently bought by Warren Buffet. On July 28, 2013 the new President and Publisher Bill Masterson told subscribers the newspaper would have a “different focus,” and the editorial position would “reflect the community it serves.” Well WooHoo – that is great news because The Tulsa World in the past has done everything but serve our majorly conservative community. So the paper that decried Bridenstine’s win over moderate incumbent John Sullivan is letting Jim speak about a recent World editorial. It’s a good thing.

Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine

The editorial without an attached name declared Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) to be right about the impossibility of defunding ObamaCare. The editors also declared that a group of Senators led by Mike Lee are “Planning to hold up the continuing resolution” (meaning shutting down government) to achieve defunding ObamaCare. Not true. They knew it was not true, but if you give them credit for being clueless, then the editors were not doing their job. They use Senator Lee’s name but apparently failed to clarify his position.

Tom Coburn

Tom Coburn

Everyone on the Republican side of the aisle without some Rino skin, understands that government shutdown is not a consideration. Tom Coburn knows it too. Rep. Bridenstine makes the point – read the entire story here (all emphasis below mine).

Our intent is not to shut down the federal government. We plan to fund everything except the unaffordable Affordable Care Act. The group led by Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Marco Rubio of Florida, plus several representatives, including myself, are reluctantly ready to pass a continuing resolution that funds the entire government, excluding “Obamacare.”

This legislative strategy has been employed successfully for nearly four decades. It simply prohibits expenditure of taxpayer funds for a specified purpose.

For example, every year since 1976, Congress has enacted the Hyde Amendment, restricting federal funding for abortion coverage in the Medicaid entitlement.

…The continuing resolution legislation we are promoting would fund the entire federal government but specifically prohibit any spending, mandatory or discretionary, on “Obamacare.” ~ Jim Bridenstine

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Senator Coburn has been very vocal about ObamaCare’s “mandatory spending” as has Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and others. Some have selective hearing. Lee has explained clearly, leaving room for no doubt – the goal is NOT to shut down government. The following is a snippet of an interview between Lee and Rush Limbaugh last week:

RUSH:  …Senator, another argument that is made is the dreaded government shutdown argument, that you can’t get where you want to go in the continuing resolution fight without a government shutdown.  And then they say, “Look what happened in ’95.  We got killed.  ’95 ruined us.”

In reality we only got killed in the media.  We picked up two Senate seats after the ’95 shutdown. And the House, I don’t think there was great damage. Plus, that budget fight arguably could be said to have set the table for great policy that followed, such as welfare reform that Clinton signed, because it involved people taking a stand.  But it’s looked at as a debacle because of the impact it supposedly had on Newt, but it really wasn’t.  You’re fighting a tremendous obstacle there with this fear if there’s a government shutdown, that the Republicans are finished.  So what do you say to people who have that obstacle in front of them?

LEE:I want to be very clear that what I’m calling for is not a shutdown.  I don’t want a shutdown. I don’t think we need a shutdown. We ought to be able to fund the government responsibly without a shutdown…we ought to fund government, just not Obamacare.  We shouldn’t have to vote for all of it, including Obamacare, or have none of it.  That’s crazy.

This information is out there. Two sides: Republicans and Democrats on one side, and Conservatives on the other side. One of the Senators on the Conservative side is Jim Inhofe (R-OK) who announced support for the Senators Lee and Cruz plan. Everything Inhofe does chafes the World raw.

Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe

It is the responsibility of the House to shutdown spending when they deem it appropriate. Trying to do so should never, never be seen as a foolish act, and certainly not a foolish act because one of the Republican Wise Men believe it cannot be done. Doing the right thing is always doing the right thing.

Coburn’s path of action:

What we should be doing instead is putting other things on the table, like the individual mandate delay, repealing the medical device tax or putting prohibitions on discretionary spending for Obamacare. Then those all have to be evaluated.

Fine. Do that too, and by the way, why hasn’t it already been done. Why wait until years after passage?

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wants to completely defund ObamaCare in the budget, but he acknowledges there is little to no chance of passage. His plan: ObamaCare will collapse under its own weight. Fine. Do that too, but do we have time to wait for the collapse under its own weight? Everyday the O-Care tentacles reach further into our health, our wallet and our privacy.

But there is a possiblity of government shutdown coming from Democrats. Should Harry Reid Democrats decide not to support defunding only ObamaCare, Republicans can then decide not to approve the continuing resolution to fund the government. Defund O-Care – approve the continuing resolution. Harry Reid can decide to shutdown the government. Remember, we need a continuing resolution solely because Democrats refuse to produce a budget. The vote should be on a budget vote, not a CR.

We are desperate for significant action and we are depending on those like Rep. Bridenstine and Senator Inhofe to find a way to get it done.

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