Javon Tyrek Rogers Arrested for Murder of Fannie Gumbinger 99 Years Old in Poughkeepsie

Fannie Gumbinger, a 99-year-old woman was beaten to death and her home burglarized on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Javon Tyrek Rogers (20) is charged with first-degree murder and first degree burglary in her death. Rogers is “suspected of “other recent burglaries in the city,” including one on the same day he allegedly killed this woman who may have lived to be 100 years old if not for this animal, Rogers.

Fannie Gumbinger

Fannie Gumbinger

Gumbinger’s body was found Wednesday morning after a caretaker suspected something was wrong inside the woman’s house and called police. An autopsy Thursday determined that Gumbinger died from multiple injuries inside the home she’d lived alone in since her husband’s death in 2007. Source: Long Island Newsday

Javon Tyrek Rogers

Javon Tyrek Rogers

Such cowards.

Javon Tyrek Rogers Arrested in the Death of Mrs. Fannie Gumbinger, 99 YO (video)

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  • Can anyone tell me what is the difference between this creature and a dangerous animal? With dangerous animals we put them down.

    • Elaine

      This was EVIL….and EVIL ACT by an EVIL person.
      There was no motive for robbery…THE INTENT WAS TO MURDER A HELPLESS HUMAN BEING that couldn’t fight back.

      • Elaine, there is so much hate out there, and much of it is evil. I don’t think a person not Black can comprehend the hate.

    • findalis, rabid and feral.

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  • Elaine

    There is a Black Poet living now in NY (my daughter met him when they were very young…14 yrs old(?). They met in Dallas. They kept in touch. Gerren Liles (Lyles sp?).
    He doesn’t date white women. He thinks it is wrong to mix races. He wrote a very small poetry book, “On the Road to Damacus.” (Amazon has it). I kept it because my daughter never took it with her when she moved out years ago.

    I am not that much into poetry…but there is ONE LINE in his little book that talks about “Blacks hating themselves for being black and PROJECT that hate onto the Whites” (paraphrased).

    He invited her one time to come visit in NY. He lives in a predominately black neighborhood, but once there, he felt uncomfortable being seen with a white friend…that was all it was…”a friend.” So? She came back home very disappointed that they couldn’t even be friends.