Facebook: 74 Countries Order Facebook to Hand Over Your Info – Half The Orders Come From US

Facebook is being “ordered” to hand over information on 38,000 Facebook users. There are “orders” from 74 countries. Half of the “orders” come from the U.S. Other countries are not named. Newly released documents show that Facebook DID release information to the Turkish government on 173 anti-government users. Have to wonder if those 173 are still alive.


A Facebook attorney says they “frequently” supply only “a name.” Nothing is clear about why the “orders” are ordered, “law-enforcement,” “intelligence gathering?”

Technology and government officials have said criminal investigations are far more common than national security matters as a justification for demanding information from companies.

The numbers are imprecise because the federal government forbids companies from revealing how many times they’ve been ordered to turn over information about their customers. Facebook released only a range of figures for the United States. Read more here.

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