Elbert Guillory: Recruit, Support Black Americans for Republican Party – Free At Last PAC

Elbert Guillory, a Louisiana State Senator, recently made news when he switched from the Democrat Party back to the Republican Party. Today he is announcing the Free At Last PAC to accomplish two things: 1) support conservative Black candidates running for office and 2) to educate Blacks about the values of the Republican Party. Mr. Guillory has a way with words. Look how he explains what will happen to food stamps, medicaid and welfare checks. See the video and partial transcript below.

Elbert Gillory

Elbert Gillory

Partial transcript of video:

You see, Kings have always maintained their power by feeding the poor. The poor cry out ‘how will we eat.’ The King’s solution is always the same: ‘Let us tax the rich.’ And the rich get poorer, and the poor get poorer. The only one who gets rich is the King. This is the society our forefathers declared independence from in 1776…

Nothing spreads true wealth like competition…Only capitalism can provide the upward mobility for the meekest among us to break the shackles of poverty to rise into the middle class…

Republicans have always been the champions of capitalism, but in recent history we’ve done a terrible job of articulating our values to a new audience.

The truth is today, Black Americans know very little about the Republican Party. Republicans have spent too long cowering behind closed doors and acting ashamed of the very values that made America the shining city on a hill.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been asked to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the Free at Last PAC, because I believe the Republican Party has conceded the Black vote for long enough.

Currently, over 90% of Black Americans vote exclusively for Democrats, despite the fact that the values of the Republican Party far better represent the values of the Black community. These are family, prayer, less taxes, better schools, empowering small businesses, gun ownership.

The Free at Last PAC will reach into the Black community and articulate those values that fueled the American dream. We will be silent no more.

We will also recruit Black Republicans to run for higher office, because Democrat leadership has failed the Black community.

…I promise you that one day it will be impossible for Black Americans to deny the truth about this Liberal nanny state. In the near future, a government that spends $3 for every $2 it takes in will go bankrupt and the grocery store will say ‘no thank you’ to those food stamps.

A medicaid card won’t work at the emergency room. Those welfare checks won’t cash…

After all, what was God’s plan for our people? Is this why God delivered us from the wilderness of slavery, so that able-bodied men could sit on the porch all day, drinking liquor or is it God’s plan that we would merely trade one plantation for another?

…Liberalism has nearly destroyed Black America, and now it’s time for Black America to return the favor.

Read detail on Guillory’s recent move to the Republican Party here.

The Bible says, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory – Free at Last PAC (video)