Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Stages, Films Blood, Wounded – Fools and Goofs

Egyptians are a dramatic people. Now the Muslim Brotherhood is staging their drama. The information with this video says the movie below “occurred” on August 7, 2013. As the people begin to move, I think I hear the equivalent of “ACTION.” Wouldn’t you love to know who leaked this? (Odd to see that Egyptians don’t know how to spell their Brotherhood leaders last name either – Morsi? Mursi? Morsy? Morcy?

Egyptians Try to Fool the World by Staging Violence and Filming It (video)
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  • Maggue, on Tuesday I will be doing a post featuring a comment (a very good comment) on my recent post referring to Islam as a cult of scociopaths. The commentor says she is an American modertate Muslim who has lived the last three years in Egypt. I contacted her by email and she has agreed the she and her like minded friends will comment on my response to her. It should be interesting. I hope you and your friends will come by and join in the conversation. The title of the post will be: What can moderate Muslim do to convinces us they want to live in peace in a civilized world.

    • Jim, that sounds very interesting. I will come by and I’ll try to feature it in some way. This is a wonderful top to be talking about. I know I always seem to sound very hash about Islam because so few speak and when they do speak, they never address their imams/clerics. The statements seem so vague. I look forward to your post.

  • rh

    It is not necessary to “stage” blood, violence and death in the Middle East — all one has to do is watch the evening (not) news on TV.

    • rh When the Muslim Brotherhood wants to say they have been attacked, this is how they do it. They make it up. When they start a fight, they lie and blame it on others. Creeps.

  • Why is everyone so upset about this? The Fakistinians have been doing this for years.

    • findalis, what is so extraordinary about this is that they’ve been caught doing it. If it wasn’t so pitiful, it would be funny.

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