EBT Cards, SNAP, Privately Funded Navigators Guide Illegals to Decades of Taxpayer Benefits

Twenty years ago, Maritha Nelson swam across the Rio Grande to enter the U.S. illegally, apparently sans children, put down roots and gave birth to seven. No father or fathers or a job are mentioned in this story. Today she lives in Florida. America has been feeding her and her children for 20 years, and providing all necessities. I first heard the word “navigator” in ObamaCare legislation – those people who are hired to teach others how to game the system. In this video, you’ll see privately-funded “navigators” showing people like Maritha how to get every penny possible from taxpayers. Who pays the “navigators?” ACORN undercover? George Soros? Planned Parenthood?  An entity the Department of Health and Human Services secretly pays to extort us? NBC?

Maritha Nelson, Florida Illegal

Maritha Nelson, Florida Illegal

Maritha Nelson’s $240 in food stamps has run out, leaving her $9 in cash and seven people to feed.  The 50-year-old single mother, who entered the U.S. by swimming across the Rio Grande, has government funded housing, medication, and $700 a month in Social Security. She’s been on assistance for 20 years, and wants others to know that help is available.  Florida is teeming with food stamp recruiters…who have a goal: increase federal aid to Florida by $1 billion a year. Source: Fox Nation

According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) in April 2012, food stamps has increased 135 percent over the previous 4 years to a zenith of $78 BILLION in 2011. The program will continue to expand through 2014.

In the four year period CBO highlighted, the number of Americans on food stamps increased by 70 percent — “Nearly 45 million recipients, one out of every seven U.S. residents, received SNAP benefits in an average month in fiscal year 2011,” CBO explained.

In 2011, one in every 4 children were food stamp recipients. One in every 6.5 Americans were on the program. In 2011, the cost of “federal means-tested assistance programs,” including food stamps surpassed $1 TRILLION dollars for the year.

We are foolish to think the “navigating” legislated in ObamaCare will stop at O-Care. In the video linked above you’ll see that the “navigators” have a simple software program that quickly shows every “benefit” due. Federally-funded “navigators” will boost the cost to multiple Trillions if we do not kill ObamaCare.

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