DOJ to Investigate DOJ – again! Probe Into DOJ DEA Interaction With NSA

The National Security Agency (NSA) is giving some of the secreted and stored information from our emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) own Drug Enforcement Agency. The sharing is illegal. The DOJ wants us to think this is news to them (and thinks we will believe it also) and so they will probe the issue and tell us either 1) it never happened or 2) it won’t happen again. No one at the IRS has lost their job over targeting conservatives applying for tax exempt status. We can expect the same here.

Click the graphic for a history of how NSA happened to you and to me, to yours and to mine.

Click the graphic for a history of how NSA happened to you and to me, to yours and to mine.

Yesterday’s report also claims the IRS, DHS, FBI and CIA are recipients of the secreted and stored NSA data-mining.

Here’s how it happens: NSA shares information from their secreted and stored phone calls, emails, Tweets and Facebook messages with the DEA. The DEA just happens to be a certain place at a certain time where a certain individual happens to be also. The DEA searches them, arrests them and then “recreates” the paper trail. Omitted is the fact that NSA told them where to be at a certain time to find a certain individual. The DEA might claim it was a routine traffic stop and they just happened to find contraband.

Here’s the conversation: yes, we did use secreted and stored information illegally given to us by the NSA, but we have (fill in the numbers) really bad drug dealers behind bars because of it. Equate this to how many children on school playgrounds will not be targeted. End of investigation.

No Seat Belt

No Seat Belt

We’re stepping closer and closer to authorities knowing that your child unbuckled his own safety belt inside your car, while the wheels were rolling. Trust me, you don’t want to spread the clever antics of your lively children with grandparents, aunts and uncles. NSA knows everything.

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  • It’s such a web of corruption and usurpation of the power of WE THE PEOPLE.

    Is there any way back to having our American republic again?

  • Isn’t this just another example of the Fox guarding the hen house? We will get no truth out of this.

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  • “We The People” are on overload with this administration and its intentional. If there was only one scandal in te news the people could focus on it. When there are a dozen scandals in the news at the same time, people just throw up their hands.

    • Hi Jim, it’s that strategy of chaos that Alinsky taught so well, with one difference – these are not manufactured.

  • No surprise about the self-investigation or sharing or data. Relevance = Everything. Terrorist = Whoever You Want. If one government agency has data you know the others will want it and find a reason to get it.

    Saving children’s lives from being un-seat belted by parents breaking the law is a good thing. Who would be opposed to saving children’s lives? There will always be a reason found to collect private information.