Dianne Feinstein: Mexico Canada Make Up Our Homeland – Phone Logging Critical to Thwarting Only One Plot Excluding Tsarnaevs

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. Scary. She has added Mexico and Canada to our “Homeland,” and says we had “13 events” of ‘terror disruptions’ due to the NSA’s data-capturing. Those events do not include beheadings in Mexico, death-by-Department of Justice straw-walked weapons or “workplace violence.” The chart below – once classified, now declassified. See the video below.

U.S., Canada, Mexico Make-up Dianne Feinstein's "Homeland."

U.S., Canada, Mexico Make-up Dianne Feinstein’s “Homeland.”

On Wednesday, for example, the Canadian Press reported that the United States wants its police officers to be exempt from Canadian law when taking part in cross-border policing initiatives. Source Yahoo News

U.S. Sovereignty will remain a thing of the past until this bunch of Democrat thugs in the U.S. Senate are sent home permanently. Whatever you think about NSA logging every phone call from every America (…or are some numbers exempted?), think about this?

Yet, as Inglis testified last month, analysts are allowed to extend their searches by “three hops.” “That means that starting from a target’s phone number, analysts can search on the phone numbers of people in contact with the target, then the numbers of people in contact with that group, and then the numbers of people in contact with that larger pool,” reports The Washington Post. This can reach millions.

Two seemingly unrelated news stories this week raise far more questions than they answer, and demonstrate how the government should take a closer look at its own homeland security efforts.

In the first case, we learned at a hearing from Deputy NSA Director John C. Inglis that the “phone logging effort” made by the NSA was not critical to thwarting 54 plots—it was critical instead to only one. “[Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.] noted that senior officials had testified that the phone logging effort was critical to thwarting 54 plots, but after reviewing NSA material, he said that assertion cannot be made—‘not by any stretch,’” reported The Washington Post. “Pressed by Leahy on the point, Inglis admitted that the program ‘made a contribution’ in 12 plots with a domestic nexus, but only one case came close to a ‘but-for’ or critical contribution” (emphasis added).

Even with this potentially egregious infringement on civil liberties, it seems that the national security apparatus is still not positioned to stop a real plot such as that hatched by the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzokhar. Read more at GulagBound

Billions of phone calls captured, 13 events “disrupted.” No border fence. No mention of hundreds, maybe thousands of Islamists sitting in a jail in Arizona.

Senator Dianne Feinstein on our Homeland, including Mexico and Canada (video)
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