Common Core: Children Morphed Into Human Capital – Tracking Children By Blood Type, Birth Marks, Eye Color

Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) has many layers and I won’t pretend to know how many there are but I have one for you today. Teachers and your children are classified as “Human Capital” under CCIS. Underway is the change of the standard ‘Human Resources Management’ to ‘The Strategic Management of Human Capital.’ In the end, the design is that your child becomes “human capital” to enter the “workforce.” Read below the plans for your child’s social security number, and if the SS isn’t available there are plans A, B, C, and on and on. (all emphasis below is mine)


Just a few companies are cashing in on a mammoth $600 BILLION industry (you’ll see names below), providing and being rewarded for providing “human capital” for a global society. The material your child studies is copyrighted and cannot be changed by parents or local schools.

The entire program circumvented Congress. Your state or national elected representatives have nothing to do with the implementation of Common Core, although they can stop it now.

If you know anything about Common Core you may have heard that “data sets” will contain information about your child beginning with the first day of school, maybe pre-school. That data will include:

“such things as hair color, eye color, gestational age at birth (whether a child was premature or not), blood type, blood test results, birth marks, and even bus stop arrival time. Source: PJ Media

From Common Core’s vision, your child will graduate and be better trained for the “workforce.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a framework for your child’s future as human capital:

A Framework for a Multi-State Human Capital Data Development System:

This “human capital development data system” must be developed to answer “master” policy questions that benefit each of the principal state
stakeholders – the K-12 education system, the postsecondary system, and labor/workforce development system….

The goal is to be able to track your child as they move from state-to-state. Perhaps the Social Security Number isn’t available but a blood type, a birth mark – the kind of thing you would only give to police if your child was missing, will be available in “longitudinal” databases.

Surely, security will be a major consideration, right?

Outsourcing the match (the actual task of linking the student unit records together) to a state with a proven capacity to do so….Advantages and disadvantages of this approach…the additional disadvantage that the states, other than the state to which the match was outsourced, give up direct control of their data to a “foreign” state government entity. (Page 16)

A multi-state data exchange – what we have chosen to call a human capital development data system – that enables policymakers to look
comprehensively at the stock and flow of human capital has become essential for effective policymaking and planning in the globalized
knowledge economy. Technology now permits the development of longitudinal systems that follow individual students from elementary school through college or directly into the workforce,…(Page 17)

Utahans Against Common Core:

When Utah applied for federal money under Race to the Top and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), the feds required us to sign onto a database to track students from preschool through college and into the workforce. Just a year ago the Utah State Office of Education announced their partner in a P20w statewide longitudinal database system that can integrate with other states and federal agencies. <sarcasm>All for research purposes of course.</sarcasm>

Some years ago, Outcome Based Education was shot down by parents when they awoke to what was really going on…the tracking of children and “master” planning for society based on creating good little trained monkeys for the workplace. Children are people. We need to stop treating them like widgets being stamped out at a factory.

Snippets of an email sent from “former” chairs of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) to Florida Republican leaders on the goal to create an “even-playing field” for education and other critical issues. Source: WatchDogWire:

Even playing field means lowering American standards to meet those of the rest of the world. According to the UN, the international salary average is $21,500.  No cars, no air conditioning, no single family homes, according to the UN Biodiversity treaty.

Human Capital is taught that private property must take a backseat for the good of the collective. The students (human capital) should go to college and accumulate massive debt currently estimated at over $1 trillion. Debt that makes marriage, ownership of homes and cars nearly impossible. CCSS teaches collectivism, the one size shoe fits all, which is the antithesis of individual greatness.

American values and free market economics are not taught under CCSS. Students are taught to rely on the government. Only collectivism through social justice is part of the training.  Today 80% of the Human Capital think it is the government’s job to take care of them. High school American History begins at 1865, missing the creation and reason for the American experiment.

…CCSS will not create a solid foundation for global competition. Instead of free market capitalism, the public private partnership (PPP) model promoted by CCSS and RTTT destroys competition with subsidies given to favored corporations. This is not free market capitalism.

Teaching debt management, unproven science and sustainability will not help America’s children, our future leaders.  American leadership will not improve using the training school to work CCSS model. Training to work is not educating. Training stifles innovation, creativity, and competition.

Governors were told 15 years ago by Shirley McCune during the 1989 Governor Association on Education summit that: Students are HUMAN CAPITAL; Education’s purpose is to train students to work; The purpose of education was to transform society from individualism to collectivism and fact based education is not longer the primary focus of education. This “modern education” view has lead to CCSS and will increase the deterioration of public education

[See the McCune video here – snippets from McCune below and remember this is from a 1989 Governors Conference – the video appears to be edited]

1:54 mins-in: …understanding what we’re into is the total restructuring of the society (repeats at 2:12 mins in)

2:41 mins=in: There are only two things that really matter. One of those is the information capital and…secondly to produce human capital.

5:09 mins-in: …understand the breadth of the task that’s before us. You cannot begin to think about restructuring of education without understanding that our total society is in the crisis of restructuring.

4:23 mins-in: …governors…began to understand the very close relationship between economic development and human capital…

6:12 mins-in: what we begin to see is that 80% of the wealth in America today his held by people 50 and over, and of that particular group, that wealth is going to have to be invested in future generations…

10:15 mins-in: What we know is, the earlier we intervene into the lives of people, the cheaper it is…

Returning to the Florida Republican Party email (this is very important – CCIS is a venture captialist’s dream):

The program was created by the vendors who will benefit from the program, Gates, Bush, Pearson, Murdock and Obama’s (Soros) Progressive NGO think tanks.  It was then presented to the governors for them to sign here and get their RTTT money.  Material was not written and yet legislators signed on to “get the money”. No one looked at the CCSS content in the material…

If the CCS standards demand the human capital method of training as part of the assessments evaluation and are part of the passing grades, then CCSS dictates the curriculum …

The former chairmen of the Florida Republican Party say the following is taken from the [CCIS] texts. The link to the “texts” is below, but is not working. If I can find a working link I’ll provide it:

One size shoe fits all training.  Training is not education.

Untested, unproven system with no known long term cost.

International benchmarks = UNESCO Social Justice = big government Global citizenship, not American citizenship.

Elimination of private property by promoting “sustainable development” and “resilient cities” (controlled developments with controlled living.)

Human Capital (students) are trained to do more for less while blaming mankind for all of the earth’s problems. Man made global warming hoax. Phony science of man made global warming a failed model.

UN Earth Charter replacing Bill of Rights

School is to replace family

Government is to replace God – Earth Charter,

Declaration of Human Rights, replaces the Bill of Rights.

Elimination of cursive writing so stidents [sic students] cannot read founding documents or maintain individuality.

Founders are demonized, students are taught the Constitution is a living breathing document.

America is a slave country today. Jesus was a Palestinian and more if you just look at the texts.

The tentacles of Common Core are so vast and well-rooted from the 1980’s that it’s overwhelming to think of how to get out all the critical information. Remember, this is not law. Talk to your legislators at the state and national level now. Make your voice heard.

Gretchen Logue at Missouri Education Watchdog was interviewed in Illinois about Common Core. It’s nuts-and-bolts and very easy to understand. Every parent should read her interview found here. Visit her at Missouri Education Watchdog.

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  • I see the ruling elites are preparing the future proletariat workers for their menial jobs. Why actually teach them to read, write and do arithmetic? Just give them enough education to fill out a welfare form or a menial job. And of course to vote Democrat forever.

    We are lost. Our children are lost. And the United States is gone.

  • rh

    Maggie, you have been trying to wake up parents and grandparents to this travesty for a long time. How did we let the Common Core agenda get so far down the road before we started to get a clue? I just hope it is not too late.

  • rh

    It is like the old “saw”: a lie will get a mile down the road before the truth takes the first step. Sigh…

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  • Maggie,

    I haven’t watched Friday’s episode yet, but here is a Blaze TV clip to go with this article.
    Exposing Common Core
    08/23/13 15:15
    David Barton revisits Common Core and what it means for your child.

  • Sigh…
    Our children are certainly not treated as any kind of capital, human or otherwise. They are treated worse than slaves by the educational establishment. They themselves don’t bring any roi because 3rd party is paying for enrollment.

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  • Holly Young

    the thought of children – really any human being referred to as “human capital” just make me shudder and makes my heart hurt. This is just so wrong on so many levels. Our children are not property of the government.

    • Holly Young, it’s enough to make one shiver, isn’t it? Think of them taking blood samples, and grooming them to be worker bees. Heartbreaking.

      • Holly Young

        yes, it’s all so sad and mind boggling

  • momazilla

    Human capital? You mean Property of the State. CC caters to the lowest common denominator. It holds everyone back until the dumbest student in the class “gets it” preventing the rest from progressing. What was once taught in 3/4/5 grade is now “college-level”.