Common Core of Conservatism Waning in Oklahoma Leadership? Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin New Nat Governors Assoc Chair

This is a first for Oklahoma. Our Governor, Mary Fallin, takes chairmanship of the National Governors Association (NGA) on Sunday August 4, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group is “bipartisan.” Outgoing Chair Jack Markell is the Democrat Governor of Delaware. Looking at a list of previous chairmen, each term rotates parties, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, regardless of which party holds a majority of Governors. I’m hoping Governor Fallin’s agenda will include the demise of Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) which she supports. Hoping but not optimistic. There is no better forum than the NGA to school states on the hot mess of Common Core. I encourage you to watch the video below of Oklahomans speaking about this issue, but friends, Common Core in Oklahoma is the same Common Core in every state that adopts it, which at this time is about 45.

Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin

As the nation’s governors gather in Milwaukee, it’s a group worth watching closely. More than most of their peers, they’re on the front lines of the policy wars, testing the appeal of red-state governance beyond the boundaries of red-state America.

Their re-election fights in 2014 will largely determine whether the GOP, which now boasts 30 governors, can maintain its dominance of an office that drives public policy in the states and supplies both parties with many of their presidential prospects.

The following eight GOP governors took office for the first time in January 2011 and have been governing in states that voted Democratic for president in both 2008 and 2012: Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Ohio’s John Kasich, Michigan’s Rick Snyder, Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett, Florida’s Rick Scott, Maine’s Paul LePage, New Mexico’s Susana Martinez and Nevada’s Brian Sandoval. Source: JSOnline, Matthew Vermillion:

“The Summer Meeting brings governors together in a unique forum to engage in a dialogue about important issues affecting our states,” said NGA Vice Chair Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. “As governors, we face many similar challenges and can learn a great deal from each other’s experiences. I look forward to continuing these valuable conversations with my colleagues.”

Throughout the meeting, governors will attend “governors-only” sessions, which provide an opportunity to discuss issues states are facing in a private, off-the-record setting. The Summer Meeting will conclude on Sunday, August 4, with a welcome to incoming NGA Chair Gov. Fallin and the incoming vice chair, who is to be announced at the meeting. In addition, Gov. Fallin will unveil her 2013-2014 Chair’s Initiative.

On May 22, 2013, Oklahoma House Speaker T. W. Shannon announced the possibility of repealing Common Core and appropriately compared it to ObamaCare.

“A lot of people are becoming very concerned about its ability to open the door for kind of a federal takeover of our education system,” Shannon said last week. “We’ve already seen it in our health care system.” Source: NewsOK

I’m calling on Speaker Shannon to commit to looking deeply into Common Core, because if he does, he will rescind his previous support

T. W. Shannon and Family

T. W. Shannon and Family

This issue of Common Core is much like everything else the federal government does (not debating that issue here this moment but if you think the Feds are not involved, you need to so some serious research). A program sounds good. The Federal Government will give your state lots of money and in this case, standards will ensure that kids actually learn, and more children will move on to being job-worthy. That last one should have been the warning shot that grabbed your attention.

Once politicians have embraced and endorsed such a program, perhaps for good initial reasons that turn out later to be an insult to intelligence, it’s difficult for pols to step back and admit a mistake, even though they didn’t know the whole truth from the beginning. This is happening all across America. It’s simple. We have the information now to understand Common Core, and that understanding is critical to the survival of our children’s welfare, our state’s welfare and our nation’s welfare.

I’m asking Governor Fallin, in a public forum, to address the many issues one-by-one that are creating such angst among parents, private schools and home schoolers. I’d like to hear her speak specifically about the Common Core “architect” David Coleman, and who he is. I know. Does she? Talk to us about who can be exempted? Do exemptions exist? Do all private schools and home-schoolers qualify? I also recommend reading the scathing and comprehensive review CCIS received from the American Principles Project – (find a complete reading list on Common Core here).

One more thing about federal influence on Common Core. Oklahoma and other states received a waiver to delay meeting the requirements of No Child Left Behind and the penalties that go along with failure. That waiver is tied to CCIS. It’s about the money.

I can’t leave the Common Core issue with talking about former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s support of it. His very public podium seems to have lent great weight to the argument for CCIS. Don’t be a follower just because the Gov is a great guy and thought to be conservative. Start here: Huckabee’s letter to Oklahoma lawmakers and a response from a very involved Oklahoma mother, Jennie White, who is president of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) (click to read the entire story):

The Former Governor of Arkansas continued, “These standards, known as Common Core State Standards, have been near and dear to my heart since I served as Governor of your neighboring state of Arkansas.”

Jenni White a native Oklahoman pointed out,”Governor Huckabee was Arkansas’s governor from 1996-2007. The Common Core weren’t even finished for review during the time he was in office…I thought they were ‘state led’.”

At the same time Governor Fallin takes the reigns of NGA, our LT. Governor Todd Lamb will serve as the chairman of The National Lieutenant Governor’s Association. Oklahoma has captive ears to hear.

I’m proud of my State, proud of our conservative ‘core’ which is the hearts and souls of our residents. Please weigh-in on CCIS with the Governor’s office and Todd Lamb’s office. Find your State Senator here, your State Representative here. There’s a train wreck ahead and we are about to rear-end it.

Oklahomans Discuss Common Core (video)
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