Chicago Black Mob Fractures White Cop’s Head: Weapon? Baseball Bat

A White Chicago police officer was attacked by a Black mob and struck on the head with a bat. He is hospitalized with a skull fracture and is in serious condition. The animals could all be Barack Obama’s sons and maybe daughters.

Please, click the graphic and visit Grumpy Opinions for a related story.

Please, click the graphic and visit Grumpy Opinions for a related story.

From another officer:

“No one tried to help him or stop the attack,” said one Chicago police officer. “That happens a lot: Mob violence. No assistance. If anything, most of the people are either participating or encouraging the violence. Not trying to help.”

What the stories do not report is more important, say two Chicago police officers: The crowd was black, missing from all the news reports.

“Maybe the paper did not know,” said one of the officers. “Or maybe they did not think it was important to note that fact because it happens all the time. Or maybe, as usual, Chicago media does an awful job of reporting racial violence. Never reporting it because they think that would be racist.”

The rest of the story:

If the police on the beat are restrained from talking about the incident in public, the police blog Second City Cop is not.

The popular website marveled at the naïveté of the Chicago Tribune for reporting: “It’s not clear if the officer was hit on purpose or accidentally while trying to break up the fight.”

Said Second City Cop: “On purpose or accidentally? We’re going to go out on a limb and say if someone is wandering around Englewood with a bat, at one in the morning, they’re not looking for Rahm’s Midnight Softball Leagues. … They’re looking to beat someone, and it doesn’t matter who gets in the way. We charge people who shoot, maim and kill victims, regardless of who the intended target was.”

Also missing from the story is context: “The story does not report that black mob violence against police in black neighborhoods is a regular and intense and dangerous situation,” an officer told WND. “This happens a lot: When we ride through the neighborhood, we are often greeted by black people pointing their index fingers at us as if they were shooting a gun. They shout: CCK. CCK. Chicago Cop Killer. Some have that tattooed on them.” Read more at WND

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  • rh

    We can thank the music/movie/pop culture and Holder/Obama for encouraging the recent lawlessness. I know, do not blame the thugs — it is because we enslaved all the blacks and they are just getting even.

  • Mag..the horror and hyspocrisy are astounding…………..

  • When is it going to be enough is enough on these mobs?

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  • So, I’m the racist?

  • It has reached the point where the media is hurting society By not reporting all of the news…by cherry-picking which facts to present…by downplaying some stories and overplaying others to fit political agendas… they are attacking the very principals on which our nation was founded.