Bernice King: Guns Are the Problem – Blacks Hispanics Latinos – Trayvon Martin

Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. interviewed with Fox News’ Kelly Wright this week as we neared the 50th anniversary of MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech (50 years ago today). Her message was clear. Guns are the greatest problem in Black, Latino and Hispanic communities. Her inference was guns need to disappear from our society.

Bernice King

Bernice King

She did not speak of the failure of the Black family, the cancer of the rap culture and the pervasive use of the “N” word among her own. When she spoke of Trayvon Martin (and don’t you know she would?), she said there were many Travyon’s out there, but only in the Black, Latino and Hispanic communities. White communities plagued with Black, Latino and Hispanic gangs were not on her radar.

She said her father spoke of “humanity, our inter-connectedness…understanding that we are one huge human family…,” and she repeated her father’s famous line about not judging by the color of the skin but by the content of our character.

With all due respect to Bernice King, the Black PR machine ignores ‘character’ when the skin is White unless it’s Bill Clinton and that’s some white skin they admire.

The huge numbers of Whites who fought and died to end slavery, the huge numbers of Whites, and yes, that White Hispanic George Zimmerman who mentored a young Black boy, such character in countless numbers is meaningless, discounted, sneered at more often than not.

Dr. King’s true agenda came quickly to the

Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright

fore. Wright asked what she can do to get back to the focus on moral clarity, courageous leadership and the self-service that her father championed.

Her immediate response was the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. The fact that it happened she said, “should have jolted us like nothing else,” and she mentioned that six-year-olds were gunned down. Then Chicago:

“all those little boys and young people killing each other. What has happened to a society that can turn away from a situation like this and not realize that this speaks to who we are and a cancer in our society.

Yes, Chicago is a cancer. Banning guns won’t cure the cancer. Guns are already banned in Chicago, a no-gun city that averages 1.5 gun deaths every day. There should be “moral clarity” about the cause behind those deaths, a finger on a trigger that didn’t ask to be pulled.

Wright mentions that MLK advocated for an extremism of love, and that we can choose love or hate.

Bernice King: One of the most important traits in unconditional love is the capacity to forgive. It’s very easy to become bitter. It’s very easy to become angry. It’s very easy to want to take revenge. It’s a capacity to have a mentality that by destroying them, a part of me is being destroyed – a part of my humanity.

Perhaps she should have a chat with the Congressional Black Congress (CBC) and explain that in trying to destroy the White community, they are destroying themselves, because most of us are no longer listening. Some no longer care.

Chat with the CBC about building strong families, with strong Black men who make sure their sons are not gang-ified. Give the mother the opportunity to work or not work, if she can afford to do so, but she certainly can’t afford not to work with no man in the family, unless she’s on government assistance.

The CBC will never participate in such an undertaking because ‘government assistance’ is the only thing keeping these ineffectual, irresponsible representatives of “The People” in Congress. Flaunting the promises of food stamps, SNAP, welfare, medicaid, free phones, low rent, the list goes on – promises that should be resoundingly dismissed and fought against as not what Martin Luther King, Jr. had in mind when he said “I have a dream this afternoon that one day my four little chidren will not come up in the same young days that I came up within….”

MLK acknowledged that he was only a boy, only a teenager in those “young” days. We are 50 years out and none of the problems with young Black boys, with Black teenagers are problems caused by Whites or guns.

Know where your children are and what they are doing every minute of the day and evening. Know who they are with, and know the parents of those they are with. Know that they are in school and doing their homework. Call out teachers who teach against the U.S. Constitution and whose classes are bastions of civics lies. Stay off of drugs and cigarettes and alcohol and use what money you have to raise the hopes and expectations of the children you chose to bring into the world.

I’ll give her this: at the end of the video, she admitted that although her father did not make it to the promise land, people are benefitting from his sacrifice. Yes they are and if you clean up your family communities, the benefits will be unmeasurable.

Good Grief! I was just ready to hit ‘post’ when MLK’s older sister took the podium at the festivities today, and lamented the woes of living in America today and threw in Trayvon Martin.

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  • What did we expect from her? To blame Black people for the condition they have put themselves in? How would she make money if she couldn’t get White people to give her money for their “guilt”?

    The problem is and always has been with the Black community. They are made up of the lowest element in society. They take these elements and put them on a pedestal as a shining example for their people. Then they wonder why these same elements are killing not only each other, but many in the Black community.

    Dr. Bernice King should take the mote out of her eye and help to clean up her own community.

    • findalis, I agree that she needs to look to what she calls the “Black community.” Too much money in doing it their way.

  • ruralcounsel

    Maybe this just means that they should eliminate guns from those racial communities that seem incapable of coping with private ownership … disarm predominantly minority communities. The rest of us seem to be handling the 2nd Amendment just fine.

    So go ahead, NAACP, show us what kind of positive social impact we’ll get from this. You guys can be the experiment, the laboratory of democracy. Go for it. Give peace a chance through disarmament. You won’t mind if we sit and watch, armed to the teeth. We’ll cover you if it doesn’t work out. Maybe.

    • ruralcounsel, Dr. Ben Carson was asked about the second amendment and he amazed me. I thought he was full-blown conservative, but no, he essentially said some communities should now have Second Amendment liberties (not his words but his meaning). I say where ever you are, you kill someone with any weapon and you never see the outside of a prison again. And they get that justice fast. I think things would change.

      If police were allowed to play grown-up cops and robbers, they wouldn’t allow gangs.

      I understand what you’re saying and I agree. They won’t be happy with the rest of us though. They want to disarm us and the bad guys will always have guns.

      Great comment. Thanks for coming by and adding to the discussion.

  • With Obama, it’s “But, Bush!” With the race hustlers, it’s “But, Trayvon!”

    • Proof, an infuriating truth! I don’t accept it. We need to throw it right back in their hateful faces.

      • The race baiters are so bereft of substance that they have to demonize a Hispanic, who has treated blacks with respect, as if he were a white Klansman, just because he has a German last name, all the while trying to paint a black 17 year old thug as some kind of choir boy.

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