White House Policy Director Supervised Rubio McCain Immigration Bill – Power Shifts to DOJ LaRaza

If it is too complicated for the full 100-member Senate body to get together to craft legislation, and we are plagued with the Gang of 8 to do the business of the U.S. Senate, why would Obama’s Director of White House Policy be involved in an immigration bill four Republicans think is swell? Cecilia Munoz, the referred to Director, formerly worked for the National Council of La Raza. Now we understand why an alien is allowed to have three fraudulent passports before such behavior results in a crime. Crime pays for illegals in America.

Crime Pays Under Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

Crime Pays Under Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

We still do not know why Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain said they didn’t know the law had been changed so preposterously. Do they know about the power shift to the Department of Justice?

Why would the Senate bill allow an alien to have two drunken driving offenses before it becomes an issue for citizenship on the third time caught. It takes only one drunken driving event to bring death or lifetime injuries to a legal American.

But here’s an easy one: Under the Senate bill, why would Border Control/Patrol/Agents/ICE be moved from Homeland Security to the Department of Justice’s Human Rights Division – the same wing of the DOJ who told a judge to shove his guilty judgement against the New Black Panther Party’s voter intimidation in Philadelphia?

New Black Panthers with Billy Club at Philadelphia Polling Spot

New Black Panthers with Billy Club at Philadelphia Polling Spot

Who better to advance the unconstitutional invasion of illegals into the U.S. after the pathway to citizenship makes tens of millions legal, than the Department of Justice. Eric Holder said he wasn’t leaving office because he still has goals to meet. This is a big one.

Investors Business Daily finds a slush fund of $300 million for La Raza and other community organizers in the bill. New provisional citizens will need someone to interpret laws for them and point them to where the money can be found. Someone will need to defend them on the first two DUIs, unless the law also allows them not to be bothered with such inconveniences…as a new provisional. Will they see charges on the first three fraudulent passports (today, the first is a federal crime), even though not deported, not jailed, or denuded of future citizenship? I don’t know. Maybe it’s ignored until the fourth time. If not, they will need an attorney. The slush fund is important.

La Raza receives $10 million per year, now. Their bank account is about to swell along with numerous other’s like them on a smaller scale. Senators Rubio (FL) and McCain (AZ) are only two of the four Republican members of the Gang of 8. Let Senators Jeff Flake (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) know how unhappy you are with their participation in this treasonous legislation.

It’s a serious mistake to just pass over the fact that Border Control/Patrol will be placed under the purview of the Human Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Let this keep you awake for a few nights.

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  • They may as well do away with border control/patrol and let any all comers in, make Sapanish an official language , and but mor printing presses for the food stamps that will be needed.

    • Jim, I believe the Human Rights Commission of the DOJ under Holder will finally get their open borders. The U.N. wants it. Obama wants to be the leader in the One World.

  • dcnj

    I just can’t comprehend the thought behind this. It just doesn’t make sense….

    S.744 is crazy…what the h e ll is going on in Washington.

    • dcnj, this has been going on for awhile. It’s just down on paper now. We all need to be very AWARE and make sure our families and friends know. Knowledge is the way we can fight back.

  • I’m not sure the provisions for being present illegally in the country are applicable to US citizens and legal permanent residents. How can there be a penalty for someone who already enjoys citizenship or permanent residency, which gives them the right to be in the US — how could they be in the US illegally? And the penalty is — you can’t come back to the States for three years? I’ve never heard of such a provision. I travel, so maybe I’d better know if there is, because you never know when someone will say “you can’t come back in”! If you find out details otherwise, it would be interesting to know.

  • Norma, I don’t know what circumstance that is referring to either. I too travel out of the country. Maybe the could decide they don’t want a particular blogger back in the country and so…

  • We should not be treating people who disobey the law better than citizens who obey the law. McCain has been done for sometime. Rubio has left his conservative roots behind for shamenesty. They are both a sham who should be ashamed of supporting amnesty and betraying the citizens who voted for them.

    Maggie, Congrats! I have nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. http://catholibertarian.com/2013/07/25/the-most-influential-blogger-award/

    God Bless.

    • Teresa, thank you so much. What an honor and a fun thing to do. I’ll put mine up tomorrow. If people could just get it their head how this immigration bill passed by the Senate is headed, we might have a civil war.

  • There is only one reason why Border Control/Patrol/Agents/ICE would be moved from Homeland Security to the Department of Justice’s Human Rights Division. A change of focus from border enforcement to enforcement of “undocumented immigrants” ‘Human Rights’.

    The Senate of the United States, by in effect abandoning America’s border security has now declared that illegal immigrants’ human rights are of far greater importance than America’s border security.

    • Geoffrey Britain – you are right on every point and 4 Republicans let it happen. The betrayal of the American people is so far reaching in this bill it makes ObamaCare look like a harmless essay.