Weiner Watch – Penis Shots – Girls Line Up Including His Wife: Connecting NYC With Muslim Brotherhood

You know, it could be as simple as that. Why would a woman stay with a man who sticks a camera in front of his penis, attaches it to an email and sends it to another woman or women? And not for the first time. It happened a year earlier on Twitter with several women, while his wife was pregnant with their first child. He swore he wouldn’t leave his U.S. House seat but he did, in disgrace, as we say, but you can’t be disgraced if you have no shame.

Anthony Weiner and Wife, Huma Abedin Weiner

Weiner and Weiner

Hey New York City voters, have you forgotten one of the girls he sent lewd photos to was believed to be under age? You want a Mayor who uses the alias “Carlos Danger?”

Mrs. Weiner is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents – a strong connection. Her State Department job as “Special Government Employee” allows her to work from home, whatever that means, along with her six-figure “consulting” job on the side.

It’s not impossible to imagine a mole in the State Department. If you can imagine Weiner doing this again, you can believe anything.

So Huma sticks it out, stays by his side, and if he becomes the Mayor, she has a lock on security details the Muslim Brotherhood will pay a lot for, maybe a promotion for her mother – security procedures, police, the streets, visiting dignitaries – and her close association with the Clintons. Who knows how a spurned wife might use that insider information in the future to bring down a lying, cheating, egomaniacal pervert husband who has humiliated you over and over. Revenge is sweet, blackmail handy in global politics. The full story at Fox News

Huma Abedin Weiner’s parents:

1. Huma Abedin’s mother, Dr. Saleha S. Mahmood Abedin (hereafter, Saleha Abedin), is an influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s division for women, the  Muslim Sisterhood. She is also a zealous advocate of sharia law’s oppression of women — which McCain himself condemned in a 2011 interview with Der Spiegel.

2. Not only that: Saleha Abedin is a board member of the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief. The IICDR has been long banned in Israel for supporting Hamas. It is also part of the Union for Good, which is a formally designated international terrorist organization under federal law. The Union for Good is led by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the chief sharia jurist of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the world’s most influential Islamic cleric, and has issued fatwas endorsing suicide bombings against Israel and terrorist attacks against American forces in Iraq.

3. Moreover, it turns out that Huma Abedin herself was, until late 2008, a member of another of her mother’s Islamist organizations, the Institute of Muslim Minority AffairsRead more at PJ Media

If you are not familiar with Yusuf al-Qaradawi, he is the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader. More here, here, and his influence on the White House here.

Others talking about Weiner’s weiner:

The women who received the penis shots, and timed the outing to Weiner’s mayoral race? Here’s the story and the photo.

Remember that scene from Porky’s? (never heard of it, but OMgosh, it’s funny)

Okay Huma, “stay and humiliate yourself for the caliphate.”

Weiner Campaign’s Electile Dysfunction

Carlos Danger Comes Clean


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  • Geo

    It’s absolutely amazing what some people will do to attain and grab power. It should be apparent to everyone now that Huma intends to follow the lead of her former boss, Hillary and stand by her man. Or another way of putting it. . . .never let a out of control weiner stand between you and your man.

    weinerboy is one sick little puppy who has absolutely no self control, which I guess qualifies him for Mayor of NYC. Why not? Following the self absorbed, pretentious sicko that’s in the office now.

  • Arlie

    You have nailed it better than anyone Maggie. Enabler for the Muslim Brotherhood…..stealth jihad…..what a cover for subtrefuge. Look at this weiner not at my wife! SICK SUBVERSION out of the Clinton playbook no less.

  • Gerald Loeb

    Love this, Maggie! I hope Anthony W. doesn’t have a noodle’s chance in winning – but New Yorkers ARE fickle, ya know. They’ve made some strange choices over the years…

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