TSA: Rochester Airport Valets Ordered to Search Parked Cars

Valet-parked cars at the Greater Rochester International Airport are subject to search by your valet if the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) so orders. There is no notice given to the vehicle owner at the time of parking. No notice until after the snooping has happened and the car owner returns to the vehicle. Laurie Iacuzza found the following note on her return.

TSA note found by Laurie Iacuzza

TSA note found by Laurie Iacuzza

A reporter from WHEC-TV Rochester asked a valet if they were forced to do the search. Valet attendent Frank Dettorree is quoted saying “I have to do it.” The searches in Rochester started about one month ago. No doubt these searches are wide-spread or will be soon.

TSA has given no reason for searching Iacuzza’s car, but did say short term and long term vehicles self-parked inside the garage will not be searched.

John McCaffery, TSA, said, “No, those vehicles that are in the garage, short term long term parking, even if they carry pretty large amounts of explosives, they would not cause damage to the front of the airport. But for those who use the valet, the car could be there for a half hour or an hour so there is a vulnerability.”

  • Another reason I won’t be flying. It is also another reason I won’t visit NY unless driving through, lol.

    • Hi Kathleen, same here. We love to make car trips and have the time to do so (with some exceptions).